Couchbase Sync Gateway
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Cloud-to-edge sync

Securely sync data between your web, mobile, and IoT apps (Couchbase Lite) and your backend database (Couchbase Server), as well as between cloud and edge data centers.

Data routing
couchbase product moblie platform
couchbase product moblie platform

Built-in data integration APIs

Use built-in APIs for accessing and managing data over the web and integrating with external web clients, data stores, and services.

Changes feed

Fine-grained security

Enforce document-level read and field-level write access policies down to individual user and role. Take advantage of pluggable user authentication, including OpenID Connect providers like Google, Facebook, and more.

User authentication
couchbase product moblie platform
couchbase product moblie platform

Elastically scalable in real time

Vertically and horizontally scale Sync Gateway nodes to handle changes in capacity demands. Apply tunable read and write scaling options to meet performance demands.

Load balancer

Attributes of sync technology


Sync data between any cloud data center and edge devices or between cloud and edge data centers.

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Customize the sync with fine-grained filters to specify the subset of documents that should be filtered, direction of sync (one-way or bidirectional), and frequency of sync (real time or on demand).

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Automatic conflict resolution

Conflicts due to concurrent changes from multiple clients are automatically handled using predefined policies with the flexibility of user-defined custom conflict resolvers.

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Using delta sync technology, reduce transfer costs and network load by only syncing the parts of the document that have changed.

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Retry logic enables automatic recovery from disruptions in network connectivity that can range in duration from a few minutes to days or months.

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Replications are secured end to end with TLS and x.509 certificate-based authentication. Document access is controlled using configurable access read and write level control policies.

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