Windows 10 and the Future!

I’m happy to announce official support for Windows 10 with the release of Couchbase 4.1. These are exciting times, and as we continue to grow we are investing heavily into the Windows and .NET platform. Windows is core to our current plans and our future roadmap. With our continued investment into the windows space we are rewarded with wide scale adoption from the .NET community. The contributions to our core projects like the LINQ adapter, ASP.NET session store, and identity provider that from community members is rewarding to me as a product manager and a point of pride within the larger database community as a whole. I want to take a moment to thank all of you for the contributions we continue to receive and look forward to working with all of you in the future.

With Windows 10, we’re expanding our first class support for the .NET Platform. Here’s a list of resources to get acquainted with Couchbase 4.1 and the .NET platform

  • Download and install Couchbase 4.1:website
  • Download the .NET SDK:Instructions for installing
  • Couchbase .NET Reference Application Tutorial:github
  • Couchbase LINQ Provider: blog
  • Brant Burnett of Center Edge fantastic blog around secure coding with N1QL: blog
  • ASP.NET Identity Provider Walkthrough:blog
  • Doing Custom Serialization with JIL:blog

Looking Forward

Our .NET community is growing and we’re excited for all of the great things the community is doing with .NET. With Windows 10 support marking a landmark step forward for Couchbase, we hope to see even more deployments, projects, and contributions.


Posted by Todd Greenstein

Todd Greenstein is a Solution Architect at Couchbase. Todd is specialize in API design, architecture, data modeling, nodejs and golang development.

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