Can a Database Fight Inflation?

Introducing Couchbase Server 7.1

This year, I’ve asked myself, how can a database help fight inflation? The answer is to make efficiency improvements in the database that outpace inflation. For as long as I’ve worked for Couchbase, there has been customer pressure to make more efficient use of database resources.

Of course, Couchbase’s in-memory performance is what attracted them in the first place because they knew it would help everything run fast.  Otherwise, they may have picked Couchbase for its JSON foundation, multimodel data access flexibility or the offline-first mobile innovations. But once installed, they’d ask things like, “Can I use fewer cluster nodes, or can it handle a lot of data, or what’s the difference between Enterprise Edition and your free Community Edition?”

Today is the day when these questions get answered. Today, we will show you how a database can help fight inflation and drive down your cost of ownership.

Today we are excited to announce the immediate availability of Couchbase Server 7.1.

What makes Couchbase Server 7.1 a database that can fight inflation?

Inflation fighting requires massive improvements to operational efficiency and dramatic reductions in deployment costs. This is what we have done in Couchbase Server 7.1.

Couchbase Server 7.1 includes over thirty new features and makes great strides in performance, capacity, and analytics efficiency. It adds familiar RDBMS features like user-defined functions, incremental backups and more robust security management. More options are now available for managing replication and cluster availability. Let’s see if these new capabilities will help fight inflation.

High Data-Density Storage

We are thrilled to introduce Couchbase Magma, our high-density storage option for data-intensive workloads. Our high data-density storage engine expands cluster node capacities from 3TB to 10TB while accelerating throughput by a whopping 4x and reducing cluster sizes by 10x (in some cases) through our improved memory-to-data ratios.

Customer databases can hold more data than ever before while being faster and less expensive. New projects can also start smaller, which reduces implementation risks, and opens up Couchbase to countless new projects everywhere. Magma is the database engine that fights inflation.

Direct Tableau Connector for Analytics Service

Couchbase Server 7.1 extends support for simultaneous operational and analytic workloads, which has become a mandatory database requirement in this age of intelligent applications. We do this by introducing our direct connector to Tableau, a globally popular business intelligence tool. Now Tableau users can become Couchbase users. Additionally, the analytics service can access data from Google Cloud and Azure Data Lake, and the service now supports high availability.

Additional Performance Improvements

Couchbase Server 7.1 supports ARM v8 processors, a high-performance, low-power CPU featured in Apple M1 powered devices and AWS Graviton instances. Running Couchbase on these systems will further drop Couchbase’s overall TCO. Also, we have compacted global secondary indexes, added composite array indexes and enhanced encryption certificate and passkey management.

Commonly Expected Database Capabilities

Finally, we’re supporting more features that make adopting Couchbase easier, like JavaScript user-defined functions (UDFs) that can behave like traditional stored procedures or support modern Functions as a Service (FaaS) implementations. Likewise, we now support incremental backups and can resume restorations after pausing them.

Check out what’s new in Couchbase Server 7.1

We’ll be introducing these capabilities in more depth in future blog posts. But if you want to dig deeper now, here are some links to get you started. We look forward to hearing about the kind of impact on inflation Couchbase can make in your next enterprise application project.


Posted by Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing

Jeff Morris is VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Couchbase. He's spent over three decades marketing software development tools, databases, analytic tools, cloud services, and other open source products. He'd be the first to tell you that anyone looking for a fast, flexible, familiar, and affordable cloud-to-edge database-as-a-service can stop looking after they check out Couchbase.

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