Learn how to use Couchbase SDKs with the Couchbase Cloud Self-Service Free Trial

In my last post I talked about the launch of the Couchbase Cloud Self-Service Free Trial Tutorial Series, in this brief post I wanted to highlight the second tutorial in the series “Using SDKs with Couchbase Cloud

One of the main goals of the tutorial series is to show how quick and straightforward it is to become productive with Couchbase Cloud. By providing a very simple step-by-step guide that, when followed, provides a quick sense for how a given feature or functionality works, we help you more quickly asses the feasibility of leveraging the Couchbase Cloud DBaaS for your own app development or analysis efforts. As I stated in the last post, the tutorials are not deep dives, but they do link to more granular details in the Couchbase Online Docs for every covered feature.

In the second tutorial in the series “Using SDKs with Couchbase Cloud“, we show you where to find the treasure trove of Couchbase SDK’s for nearly every major programming language, including Java, Scala, .NET, C, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, as well as mobile SDKs and Big Data Connectors. These SDKs provide the conduit between your applications and Couchbase Cloud, enabling you to programmatically interact with data on your cluster.

Leveraging SDK Sample Apps For Quick Learning

One thing we recommend for anyone on the Couchbase Cloud Self-Service Free Trial is to take advantage of the Couchbase SDK “Travel Sample” Application. This is a pre-built application that serves as a simple example of how to program interactions with the Couchbase Server via the Data, Query, and Search services — it works directly with the built-in Travel Sample data Bucket that comes with the free trial. The Travel Sample application is available for the .NET, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python SDKs.

In the tutorial, we walk specifically through the Node.js SDK and Sample Application, but the steps are fairly analogous to those for getting the other SDK sample apps going: Install the SDK, pull the sample app code from git, use your favorite IDE to wire the app up to your Couchbase Cloud account, then run and enjoy! You can dissect the code to see how features like flight searches, shopping carts and hotel searches can be powered by Couchbase Cloud. We think the sample app can help inspire your own innovative applications, get the Couchbase Cloud Free Trial and see for yourself!

We hope you enjoy the tutorial series, and look forward to your success with Couchbase Cloud!

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