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Introducing Charts for Query & Analytics

Introducing Charts for Query & Analytics

Couchbase Web Console is a browser-based, interactive graphical user interface that supports the management of all services in Couchbase Server. It also includes the Query & Analytics Workbench that allows developers to interactively manipulate Couchbase data, explore the schema, and...

December 9, 2021

Announcing Analytics Developer Preview 3

Couchbase is excited to announce the availability of Couchbase Analytics Developer Preview 3 (DP3). Major Features: Rich query language: Couchbase Analytics supports SQL++, a next-generation declarative query language that has much in common with SQL. However, SQL++ includes extensions appropriate...

Taxi Ride Analysis – Native Analytics on Couchbase with Cloud9 Charts

This is a guest post by Jay Gopalakrishnan. Jay is the founder of Cloud9 Charts, an analytics platform built for modern data architectures, featuring native support for Couchbase and N1QL. Follow them on twitter @cloud9charts This post uses the NYC...

January 18, 2017