This is part 7of Coffee on Couchbase series where we are building a NetBeans plugin for Couchbase. This multi-part webinar series is a discussion with Geertjan Wielenga (@GeertjanW) and Eben Haber (@ebenhaber). As part of this series, you’ll also learn how to build a NetBeans plugin from scratch and learn the awesomeness behind NetBeans platform.

During this episode, two useful links about NetBeans platform were shared:

Here is what we’ve covered so far:

  • Part 1
    • GitHub repository for the plugin
    • Started a new NetBeans plugin – discussed Ant vs Maven approach for starting a plugin
    • Couchbase node configured in NetBeans
  • Part 2
    • Show NetBeans users how to install Couchbase and configure it with a sample bucket
    • Run a simple Java EE application that queries the documents stored in Couchbase sample bucket
    • Migrating the NetBeans plugin from Ant to Maven
    • Show a message in popup help menu
    • Double clicking on the Couchbase node connects to Couchbase server and displays a message in status window
  • Part 3
    • Login to Couchbase server
    • See Bucket list
    • See Documents in Bucket
    • Query data from buckets (basic queries, N1QL queries coming later)
    • Compare Documents (NetBeans Diff Viewer)
    • Open Documents (in JSON editor, not savable back to Couchbase)
    • Multiple Couchbase hosts can be configured
  • Part 4
    • Entry point of a NetBeans plugin
    • Learn about NetBeans platform node hierarchy
    • Property sheet for each node
    • Keeping code organized for the plugin
    • Creating menus for different nodes
  • Part 5
    • Showcase features that have been created in the plugin so far
    • Show different icons for indexed and non-indexed buckets in Couchbase
  • Part 6
    • Add a new menu “Create Primary Index” for non-indexed buckets
    • Started work on refreshing the name and description of a bucket after indexing
    • Started work on optimizing the number of documents retrieved for a bucket

The recording from part 7 is now available:

This episode covers:

  • Discussion around modal window vs status bar when creating bucket
  • Icons for newly created buckets are shown correctly as non-indexed
  • Change the menu name from “Set Primary Index” to “Create Primary Index”
  • Discussion around properties panel vs menu items design pattern
  • “Explore from here” for nodes and buckets
  • Default error handling (by NetBeans platform) while editing JSON document
  • Rename buckets (only in NetBeans view, not in database)
  • Discussion around REST endpoint code generator using a bucket
  • Displayed a dialog when JSON document is edited/saved

All the code is evolving at:

Let us know by filing bugs on features that you’d like to see in this plugin.

We’d love to see your tweets containing snapshots of your document in NetBeans. Use  #NetBeans #Couchbase to let us know :)



Posted by Arun Gupta, VP, Developer Advocacy, Couchbase

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