Let’s JOIN hands to welcome DP3!
I am super excited to announce the immediate availability of Developer Preview 3 of the Query Language from Couchbase (N1QL).

Its an amazing experience to be a part of this wonderful team that is building a query language that paves the way for creating rich data applications. DP3 is our latest preview release and is a significant milestone for this project. One of the key features of this release is – yes, you guessed it from the title – JOINs.

An important requirement for any query language is the ability to pull together related data. JOIN allows objects to be combined by their KEYS (an example can be Customers and their Purchases). By default, an INNER join is performed, though it is possible to specify an OUTER join.

We also have the NEST clause. Instead of producing a cross product join, NESTing produces a single result for each left hand input, while the right hand inputs are collected into an array and ‘nested’ as a single array-valued field in the result object. There is also a reverse operator – the UNNEST clause.

There are also some really cool ARRAY functions that have been added. I think these truly make the life of a developer, who works with document model, much easier.

Array slicing is a powerful capability that is made available in DP3 as well. To learn about all these features that I mentioned here, as well as other features, please look at our Documentation page. Also, Don Pinto has an excellent blog that showcases a sample application using N1QL.

Please bookmark:  http://query.couchbase.com
That will be your one-stop shop for all the latest information on the query language from Couchbase. You will also find our updated and easy to use Online Tutorial there.

Last, but not the least, ensure you register now for our upcoming N1QL webinar


Posted by Ilam Siva, SR. Product Manager, Couchbase

A former Senior Product Manager at Couchbase, Ilam Siva is responsible for various areas of Couchbase Server product development, roadmap, positioning, messaging and collateral. Ilam is passionate about Big Data and NoSQL and believes that it will push the frontiers of scale, performance and capabilities of next generation applications. Prior to Couchbase, he has worked on Hadoop, Cloud platform and database technologies at Yahoo!, Microsoft and Oracle.

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