With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I reflect on what that means to me. 

Far too long ago (don’t remind me how long), back when I was in grade school, I distinctly remember red, pink and white construction paper scraps fluttering to the floor as my classmates and I created masterpieces out of paper bags or cardboard boxes. However, these containers paled against what they eventually held – Handmade (or mass-produced) Valentines, ultimately bringing confirmation that yes, I DID have a special place in the hearts and minds of my friends. One Valentine in particular, which I recall receiving more than once, was a comical caricature of a steam engine with text, “I Choo Choo Choose You!” Whether it was a welcome surprise or confirmation of deep and meaningful childhood connections, I was delighted to receive it!

Today, as Head of Talent for Couchbase, I think about how we as a company can infuse some of that childhood warmth into our recruitment activities – How we can remind each other that everyday, we choose each other. Every day, we make a choice to collaborate with smart and creative people we care deeply about, who come to play, and who play to win. We remember that by attacking hard problems, driven by customer outcomes, we’re making tomorrow better than today.  So I’ve worked with some creative minds at Couchbase along with some of our recent recruits to roll out an “I Choo Choo Choose You” Valentine of our own, vis a vis our “Why I Chose Couchbase” social media campaign. 

In this series of posts, which started off with our new Senior Developer Advocate, Eric Bishard, you’ll see some of our latest recruits and learn why they chose to work for Couchbase. 

Why are we doing this, you might ask? Because we are hiring! And we’d love for others to choose Couchbase, too. Check out our careers page and see yourself in one of these positions. And in the meantime, watch our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to see why leading talent is choo-choo-choosing Couchbase!


Posted by Amit Pandya

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