Leading software review platform G2 highlights the top-rated solutions across a wide range of industries based on user satisfaction and market presence every quarter. Today, the trusted software review site released its 2023 Spring Reports and for the third year and 11th quarter in a row, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the Database space in the following categories:

    • Leader in Key-Value Databases Grid
    • Leader in Momentum Document Databases Grid
    • Leader in Overall Document Databases Grid
    • Leader in Enterprise Document Databases Grid

We truly appreciate all of our customers who take the time to share their Couchbase experience on G2, as customer feedback provides invaluable insight to our team. Customers choose Couchbase’s cloud database platform for its speed, performance, flexibility and ease-of-use and we’re honored to see this reflected in our reviews. Over 85% of customers surveyed for satisfaction of key value databases and document databases said they would recommend Couchbase as easy to use, while experiencing high quality support and a smooth setup. Keep reading for more on what our customers are saying about Couchbase!

“Couchbase Mobile sync solution works as advertised. We used it in an important project which is very complex and Couchbase handled all of our requirements effortlessly. We sync large data sets for thousands of users and the speed of sync is lightning-fast. Both one shot and continuous sync help our use case a lot to provide users with the data in near real time.” – Madhav M., Director, Enterprise Company

“Easy to use open-source software. I liked the ease of use a lot, the NoSQL setup was done very well.” – Nico P., Founder, Small Business

“Excellent – JSON format is the one I like the most while using.” – Kranthi K., Sr. Java Developer, Small Business

“Easy to get started. We can query over the DB using N1QL [SQL++] that is very similar to SQL so doesn’t need extra knowledge to get started. The UI is very clear and easy to understand. Indexing is easy to implement…loved this option.” – Sr. Software Engineer, Enterprise Company

To learn more about Couchbase, check out the Couchbase page on G2. And if you are an existing customer and would like to leave your own review, click this link to share your thoughts!

New to Couchbase and want to learn more about our Database-as-a-Service? Try our 30 day free trial of Couchbase Capella.


Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Couchbasze

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