Couchbase Sponsored the DevoxxUK 2023 conference in London, UK. It was a real pleasure to meet the organizer team again, to meet all the participants. A big thank you to everyone that came to our booth!

This year we gave away the usual Couchbase swag like socks, beanies, pens and stickers. And we had a raffle to win some funko pop dolls. Pichu and Grogu were really in-demand. We will try to have more of those in our next conferences.

Many interesting conversations around AI of course, but also about our multi-model features, SQL++, automated sharding, scalability model and our managed DBaaS Couchbase Capella.

We gave a couple of talks this time, and they are already available on YouTube!

The amazing Georgina Martin talked about predictive querying, machine learning on the Edge. In this15 minute talk, she goes over what and why would you do Machine learning on the edge, how can predictive querying help and how it actually work. An Experiment in Machine Learning on the Edge by Georgina Martin.  

I gave an introduction to reactive programming. It starts with the basics, why would you be interested in it, is it for every use cases, how does it work, why can it matter for databases, a lot to cover in 50 minutes. Learning Reactive programming with Databases by Laurent Doguin.

This time we also had some soft drinks AND some craft beer from the Kernel Brewery (My favorite brewery, and local. Support your local micro-breweries/businesses!). We offered those during the board game evening on Wednesday and during the pre-devroxx party on Thursday. 

A big thank you to DevoxxUK, for having Couchbase be a part of your event, and thank you to all the speakers and everyone who stopped by the Couchbase booth. We’ll see you again soon (Like, in Antwerp, for the original Devoxx in October)!


Posted by Laurent Doguin, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

Laurent is a Paris based Developer Advocate where he focuses on helping Java developers and the French community. He writes code in Java and blog posts in Markdown. Prior to joining Couchbase he was Nuxeo’s community liaison where he devoted his time and expertise to helping the entire Nuxeo Community become more active and efficient.

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