This is my “Hello World”, or rather my “Hello Blog” and I wanted to introduce myself. I, like many, have come from the startup world. Let's not kid ourselves, being from the “startup world” means being from the technology scrapyard for the most part. You have to have a thick skin and you face daunting odds. That's what makes it exciting. 

I, like many, have an interest in Disruptive Technology and Businesses. I don't actually believe disruptions are the only way to go. Not all disruptions are good, sometimes disruptions make things harder, or less profitable, but every so often there's one that changes how we think about the world, of technology, and of business. In particular what I am interested in is “Being able to do more with less.” That's the key. Teams can be smaller, lines of code can be fewer, applications can scale easier, and the focus on value can be the centerpiece. In fact, I see this as so important, I'd call it vital, so that more ideas can come to fruition with less effort, keeping our lives enriched and our society progressing.

I found Couchbase along the way to that goal and was incredibly impressed. I had done a over a decade of .NET programming and SQL and had grown tired of the sheer amount of code I had to write, in fact I didn't even write most of it during the later years of that time period, I used code generators that I had customized to my personal style and design patterns. I am not saying .NET was the problem, in fact, the .NET library is a very well written, well tested, and a thorough framework. It was, for me, that programming wasn't as interesting anymore, and I sought other outlets like Product Mangagement and Team Management.

Then, not too long ago, I discovered I had an extreme joy for Ruby and NoSQL. It was Couchbase in particular out of all the ones I tried, it was like bread meeting butter. Coding became an extreme pleasure again, not just because I liked the syntax or the patterns, or the paradigm shifts, of course I enjoyed those, but rather, because of the community around it, the spirit underneath it. Something happened, and it began to spread quickly. It spread to other technologies I had largely ignored, all the Reactor patterns like NodeJS, Python Twisted, and Ruby EventMachine, and MQ systems and job queues, and frontend MVC's and writing iPhone apps in Ruby, and Scalability as a whole… you get the pattern. All these new paradigms were reaching maturity and I was diving in, head first.

I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned, what others have learned and taught me, and spreading that wisdom so that everyone that wants to “break off a piece” of this pleasure can do so, and also “do more with less.” 



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Jennifer Garcia is a Senior Web Manager at Couchbase Inc. As the website manager, Jennifer has overall responsibility for the website properties including design, implementation, content, and performance.

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