Couchbase has been working closely with Gruntwork on developing Terraform templates that deploy Couchbase on AWS.  We’re excited to announce the public availability of those templates today!  We’ve been really impressed with the approach Gruntwork takes to developing Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

These templates are very full featured.  They support Couchbase features like Multi Dimensional Scaling (which allows you to get the most out of the heterogeneous infrastructure options on AWS) and Cross Data Center Replication or XDCR (which provides resilience in the event of a region wide failure). 

The templates do all this using Terraform, which is fast becoming the leading cross cloud framework for IaC.  We’ve seen a lot of our customers adopting Terraform and using it to power the deployment of entire applications of which Couchbase is a part.  A solid building block like this will allow our customers to get their systems deployed faster while ensuring that deployment is done in a reliable, secure and reproducible way.

The testing built around these templates is industry leading.  IaC is hard to test. Gruntwork recently open sourced a framework called Terratest to help address this issue.  Couchbase is excited to be one of the first ISV solutions to leverage this framework, improving the reliability of our templates and helping to protect against the regressions that are so common in cloud infrastructure.

For a more in depth take on the integration, head over to the Gruntwork blog here.  Alternatively, you can check out the repo on Github here.  Our listing in the Terraform registry is over here.


Posted by Ben Lackey, Director, Cloud Partnerships, Couchbase

I lead cloud partnership for Couchbase, working closely with the teams at AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure Couchbase users get a first-class experience on the cloud of their choice.

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