World’s most powerful NoSQL technology helps surveyed enterprises achieve $5.41M in additional revenue per year with productivity benefits of $1.89M per year/per organization and five-year ROI of 274%

Today I am very pleased to share the results of an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Couchbase and Intel, titled, “Empowering Systems of Engagement: Business Value of Couchbase NoSQL Engagement Database.”  The study reflects the impact of the Couchbase Data Platform on seven enterprises with an average of 76,000 employees. The full White Paper is available for download from Couchbase.

To stay competitive, today’s enterprise must create systems that enable effective interaction and engagement with customers, partners, and even employees. The adaptive web interfaces and mobile applications used to create these interactions are not well served by legacy systems of record and, therefore, require more dynamic and scalable platforms like that of a NoSQL database. As the creator of the world’s first Engagement Database, Couchbase provides the most powerful NoSQL technology that is driving tremendous results for enterprises and leading experiences for their customers.

The IDC White Paper concludes that, based on data from customers who were interviewed, the Couchbase Data Platform will help these organizations realize significant benefits.  Specifically, companies see an annual average of $67,487 to their bottom line per Couchbase database ($1.89 million per organization) over five years, resulting in a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 274%, by:

  • Improved scalability to address and meet business goals
  • Increased performance to provide better customer and user experiences
  • More efficient and effective application development efforts
  • More efficient DBA and help desk operations for day-to-day database support

IDC interviewed organizations that have deployed Couchbase NoSQL database solutions to increase the scalability and performance of business-critical applications. Study participants reported that the choice and deployment of Couchbase have enabled them to extend the reach and functionality of these applications in a cost effective and efficient manner and provided the necessary levels of performance for services that have a direct link to top-line business results.

Business value highlights by the numbers:

  • $67,487: benefits per year per database
  • 274%: five-year ROI
  • 7 months: time to payback
  • 19%: faster new development cycle
  • 40%: faster response time
  • $5.41M: additional revenue per year
  • 17%: more efficient help desk
  • 37%: more efficient database management              

Respondents shared the following sampling of quotes with IDC during the interview process:

“We chose Couchbase because of its performance, ability to scale, and strong design. Over time, I think that the more applications we build on Couchbase, the more we’ll benefit from scalability and performance. We would have chosen [the alternative database solution] if we could have done this with it, but we knew it wasn’t able to deliver the scalability and performance that Couchbase is delivering.”

“We are supporting a revenue-generating platform with Couchbase, and we’ll earn more revenue — about a 10% increase due to improved performance. We’re looking at a substantial increase — millions of dollars per year — and I don’t think we could have done this with our other database solution.”

“We use Couchbase largely because of the performance and replication that we don’t get from [our alternative database solution], as well as the flexibility and schema. I don’t think we would get the same performance from the [other database] engine that we’re using. I don’t think that the performance is possible with it, based on what I know.”

“Our developers are more productive with Couchbase not only because of the performance but also because of the development tools available and the schema that Couchbase supports. I’d say that from the database side, they are at least two times more productive, and overall, they’re at least 40–50% more productive.”

“I think that broadly, Couchbase has been a core piece of the digital transformation program we are running. Moving to the Couchbase platform has allowed us to scale our business much more quickly.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The IDC White Paper confirms what we’ve been hearing from customers around the world with regards to the business value of Couchbase.  We’re pleased to share the findings today as more and more enterprises look at new ways to either embark on or augment their digital transformation journey. And, as always, direct customer input is incredibly insightful to us and we welcome the ongoing feedback.      

Download the report. 



Posted by Matt Cain, President & CEO

As CEO, Matt brings nearly two decades of experience leading global organizations to Couchbase. Previously, he was President of Worldwide Field Operations for Veritas Technologies LLC, where he led a 4,200 person team responsible for all aspects of sales, customer retention, channels, services, and support. Prior to then, as Chief Product Officer for Veritas’ $2.5B business, he led strategy, product management, product marketing, engineering, support, hardware operations, and cloud delivery. Matt previously held a variety of senior leadership positions at Symantec Corporation and Cisco Systems. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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