Couchbase is excited to announce a new step in our partnership with AWS – we’ve achieved the Big Data Competency.  This is another step in our evolving and expanding joint relationship.  The achievement validates our deep expertise in big data and the work we’ve done to ensure Couchbase is supported in a first class way on AWS.

This post covers some of the other ways we’re partnering with AWS as well in addition to this new competency.

Advanced Technology Partner

Couchbase has been an Advanced Technology Partner since 2017, the highest tier of partnership an ISV can obtain.  Detail is available on our APN page here.  To achieve this status, Couchbase provided AWS with 8 customer references.  In addition, we underwent a well architected review working closely with AWS solution architects to validate our architecture and methodology.  That review fed into a Quickstart that was created in conjunction with AWS and Clearscale.

Marketplace Seller

Couchbase has been listed on AWS Marketplace since 2012.  At AWS re:Invent 2017, Terry Wise announced that Couchbase is one of the six most deployed databases in AWS Marketplace.

Couchbase also participated in the launch of multi AMI solutions in AWS Marketplace, allowing the deployment of both Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway from a single Marketplace listing.  The Couchbase Marketplace listing is here.

Joint Resources

We maintain a variety of resources to enable our customers to understand how Couchbase and AWS work together.  These include:

We have a variety of GitHub repos with resources to help you get started with Couchbase on AWS:

Couchbase is also present in a variety of Amazon pages and programs.  Those are:

We’ve also recently launched a managed service jointly with Rackspace that runs on AWS.  You can learn more about that here.


Last year we sponsored AWS re:Invent.  We had a great experience there and have ramped up our participation in AWS events for this year.  We’ll be at re:Invent again this year and hope to see you in Las Vegas.  Beyond that we’ve sponsored AWS Summits in both London and Stockholm already.  We have some other AWS Summits coming up:

  • New York – July 16-17, 2018
  • Chicago – August 1-2, 2018
  • Toronto – September 20, 2018

Couchbase participated in the preview for EKS, the new AWS managed service for Kubernetes.  That service is now GA. This week, we’re presenting a joint meetup at Couchbase HQ in Mountain View on how to run Couchbase on Amazon EKS.  We’ll record the session as well.


It’s been great working to expand our joint value proposition, enabling customers to get Couchbase running on AWS in less five minutes.  We’re really excited to continue growing our partnership. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out


Posted by Ben Lackey, Director, Cloud Partnerships, Couchbase

I lead cloud partnership for Couchbase, working closely with the teams at AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure Couchbase users get a first-class experience on the cloud of their choice.

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