The year end is upon us, the perfect time to celebrate and share the milestones that we’ve accomplished together. It is difficult to sum up all the company and community activity in one post; however, with this highlight reel, we celebrate how we continue to engage developers, improve our product, run and participate in events, and serve our customers. Be sure to join us in 2024 for another excellent year for Couchbase.

Product Highlights

We’re leaning more into Couchbase Capella, our best-in-class cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBasS). However there was much innovation across all our product range. Here are just some of the highlights.

    • We are celebrating two years of Capella!
    • Couchbase introduced a new AI Cloud Service, Capella iQ, which is a generative AI-powered coding assistant that’s built into the Capella Workbench to help developers instantly become more productive. Sign up for the private preview.
    • Capella columnar is a service that introduces a columnar store and extensive data integration within our database-as-a-service (DBaaS), thereby allowing for real-time data analysis on the same platform as operational application workloads
    • Scopes and Collections support was added to Couchbase Mobile for Edge applications
    • We continue to improve developer experience, adding several improvements to Couchbase Capella and launching our JetBrains and VS Code IDE plugins. Mobile developers take note that Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway support were added to the Jetbrains plugin.
    • The major Couchbase Server release in 2023 was 7.2. Check out the release notes to read all the features and fixes.
    • We shipped integrations for Netlify, Vercel, and version 1.0 of the Couchbase Capella Terraform Provider

Customer Stories

We are nothing without our customers, and we talk about them as much as possible to highlight their user cases and celebrate the business wins they achieve with Couchbase. Here is a selection of customer profiles from this year across different industries.


We participate in a lot of events at Couchbase! We deliver events for customers, developers, investors, and other audiences, and also support third party events where we show up to provide value to the audience. 2024 is predicted to see the biggest bounce back since the pandemic for in-person events, so we will be ready for those while also doubling down on more virtual events so everyone can benefit.


This year, we participated in around 60 developer meetups, mostly in-person. We partnered with other communities to help bring value to their audiences, ranging from partners like AWS, to language groups such as JUGs and an incredible 12 NADOG DevOps Days, and other open source communities.

A big shoutout must go to our very own Laurent Doguin who presented at 7 different meetups in November on this Iberian tour. Join a Couchbase meetup group at a location near you to get notified of upcoming meetups.


Developer Conferences

Larger developer conferences are just one category among many where our presence is led by our fantastic Field Marketing team. They work on a range of events for customers, prospects, and partners, across many different audiences. Here are two conferences that are highlights from the year.

THAT Conference

A four-day summer camp for developers who are passionate about learning all things mobile, web, cloud, and technology. As a Scout sponsor, Couchbase had a table top where we handed out swag, scanned leads and raffled daily items. Matt Groves gave a 60 minute speaking session on the topic Using Fluent Migrations to Put Your Schema in Git.

Toronto XP Game Developer Summit

The XP Game Developer Summit is held in Toronto, Canada. This is the first year Couchbase attended. This is an industry event where professionals, investors, publishers, and studios connect, learn from thought leaders, and level up their knowledge tree.

Virtual Events

Right across the organization we bring different types of content to our audiences. Our Marketing team has been busy all year putting out webcasts on a number of different topics. We run both in-person and virtual Couchbase Capella workshops globally for our customers globally, with great feedback and support from our solutions engineers.

We continue to work for and with our community to serve up great content from AMAs with Couchbase engineering leads, to community-led feature presentations and more.

Don’t miss our upcoming events. Join our virtual meetup group and check in regularly to our event listings on our website.

First Financial Analyst Day

On the corporate side of things, in December, we ran our first ever financial analyst day in New York. This was an important milestone for us as a public company where we had the opportunity to tell our story, share our vision and lay out the long-term opportunities and share key business updates. The feedback we got was extremely positive. You can watch the recording and check out the slides.


Couchbase partners with many different organizations for different purposes, and they are wonderful symbiotic relationships that add up to greater than the sum of their parts. We want to highlight a couple of cloud service provider events we participated in, and tell you about our PartnerEngage Portal.

Cloud Service Provider Events 

AWS re:Invent

The Couchbase team had a blast in Vegas for AWS re:invent 2023! We played cornhole, gave away awesome swag, Lego sets, and even a Segway to our top cornhole scorers. Our daily presentations explored Couchbase Capella™ DBaaS, our latest AI capabilities, and how Couchbase and AWS work better together. We look forward to another year in Vegas in 2024!

Google Next

The team gathered in San Francisco this year for Google Next ’23. We gave away Couchbase swag, and also held a raffle for a Segway scooter. Booth visitors would have to hold up a “I’m at the Couchbase booth” sign, take a photo, and post it to a social media platform to enter. Next year, Google Next will be in April in Vegas!

Partner Portal

The Partner team launched an exclusive program for our most valued partners – The Couchbase PartnerEngage Portal. This allows our partners to:

    • Connect with other members of the partner community 📣 
    • Get first-hand updates on the latest happenings at Couchbase 
    • Boost partner learning and development through quality content and best practices
    • Earn points that partners can redeem for exciting rewards 💰 at places like Amazon, Target, and Twitch!

Community Highlights


Our ambassador program grew from zero when we rebooted last year to 16 members this year. We engage with our ambassador through private previews, content writing, events, and more. 

We shipped our ambassador onboarding packs recently and here are a couple of happy recipients.

Other ambassador highlights include:

    • An interview with Gabriel Terwesten who is a software developer at Lotum, an open source advocate and who has had a large impact on developing Couchbase Lite’s Dart Module
    • Clinton Imaro and the team at Code Space did a superb job running the Spacker’s Hack Conf where participants worked on projects using Couchbase
    • Emre Savcı, Senior Software Engineer at Trendyol, ran a Couchbase event in Istanbul with over 100 software developers

Look out as we make the program even better next year including finding new ways to give recognition for their dedication.


Our community is building some cool things, including these few shoutouts:

Do you want to build with Couchbase? We know Developers are the main character, and now Couchbase for Developers brings the same energy. We’ve reimagined this space this year to highlight all the ways you can build on Couchbase while serving looks (and hooks).



Finally, we are grateful that you choose to come on this journey with this. Here are some great ways not just to follow what is happening in the Couchbase community but to participate. Come and have your questions answered, tell us your stories of building with Couchbase, or maybe even to make some friends.

See you in 2024!


Posted by Brian King, Senior Community Manager

With a software development background, Brian has two decades of experience working with communities in the open Web (Mozilla), talent networks (Toptal), open source (Eclipse Foundation), and more. With his team and the organization as a whole he is focused growing the Couchbase developer community and improving the developer experience in order to help build better products.

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