Couchbase community: Meet the Couchbase Docs chatbot, your new Generative AI-powered documentation assistant. Now available on the website, the new chatbot will transform the way you learn about Couchbase products. It’s like having a Couchbase expert that’s always on hand to help distill complex knowledge into simple terms and answer your questions quickly.

We built the Docs chatbot on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—it’s powered by Amazon Bedrock for the large language model—and accelerated development working in collaboration with the Improving digital agency. The chatbot is the latest example of our commitment to enhancing your experience with AI.

Earlier this year, Couchbase launched Capella iQ, which uses the power of generative AI and Couchbase-specific knowledge to improve developer productivity. The new chatbot complements iQ. It mines the rich information found in the Couchbase documentation to provide up-to-date answers to your specific questions. It answers questions about Couchbase products and provides links to the relevant documentation pages to learn more.

Whether you’re a developer seeking quick answers, a system administrator in need of immediate guidance, or simply curious about the capabilities of Couchbase, our chatbot is here to provide instant and relevant answers to your questions.

The Couchbase Docs chatbot was developed as part of Couchbase’s strategic collaboration agreement with AWS.

Note: The Couchbase Docs chatbot is an experimental tool that uses AI to answer questions about Couchbase. Always consult official Couchbase documentation to verify answers and do not enter any personal or confidential information.



Posted by Beth Favini, Director of Product Documentation

Posted by Markos Mezgebu, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Cloud

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