The COVID-19 pandemic forever transformed the digital infrastructure of the healthcare industry. It showed that healthcare organizations must utilize technologies that advance a virtual strategy and let hospitals implement practices like self-triage and virtual care. Prudent organizations will ensure this is folded into their long-term roadmap as they make the shift from reactive to proactive care.

Couchbase is a proven database for the health industry that powers medical innovation and brings scale, high performance, flexibility, and reliability to modern healthcare applications. Some common use cases include health device management, on-demand patient care, and customer 360. Organizations need to manage data from different sources and devices, push it to the edge, and make sure it’s always available online and offline. These applications must always work regardless of the network availability at a hospital, doctor’s office, or patient’s home. Healthcare patients have come to expect an end-to-end experience with apps like health activity logging, medical record management, and more.

Faster performance for high-speed analytics

Now that the urgency of the pandemic and the resulting federal relief funding have abated, medical organizations are renewing their focus on spending wisely and spending less. BroadJump is a healthcare solutions company that provides comparison pricing for medical supplies to help clients find and negotiate better deals on contracts and one-off purchases.

The company helps organizations gain better visibility and control over their expense management to lower costs, operate more efficiently, and improve quality of care.

To provide clients with the best possible results, BroadJump must efficiently ingest and analyze a wide variety of supply chain data related to products, pharmacies, clinical procedures, and other factors that impact prices.

After their in-house data analyst team cleanses incoming data, BroadJump uses the data to power their client applications. For example, one key application is called PriceChecker™. It provides historical and real-time market pricing for off-contract medical-surgical products, and clients use this information to negotiate best prices.

When Cosmos DB couldn’t keep up with their demanding database requirements, BroadJump turned to Couchbase’s cloud database platform for the power and features they needed. Couchbase enabled them to reduce query latency, speed up performance, pare down workloads on operational data nodes, and cut the total time spent managing their database. 

Reducing storage costs while providing more visibility into expense management data

One use case powered by Couchbase involves reviewing data. If a certain data set appears inaccurate, it can be brought back in for analyst review through a dedicated interface. 

“Couchbase stores every change that has happened to every line of data through our recognition process,” said Philip Lupercio, VP of Technology at BroadJump. “We have 2 billion records in that data set right now. So if a client has a question about why something is recognized a certain way, we can go to the minute level to give them the answer.”

Couchbase offers a trifecta of value with the familiarity of SQL

Since adopting Couchbase and using its massively parallel processing engine, BroadJump has seen a 500% improvement in query performance for its complex queries. And by using Couchbase to consolidate database management, BroadJump has reduced the time of its development cycles by over 25%.

Another value Couchbase offers BroadJump is familiarity for its developers. “About 75% of our employees can write SQL, so that’s one more reason we like Couchbase over something like MongoDB™,” said Lupercio. “My team can use its existing skill set, and it’s much easier to work with.”

Couchbase combines the best features of NoSQL document databases and relational databases, and its SQL++ engine enables SQL queries on JSON data. By deploying Couchbase in the cloud, BroadJump’s development team can execute complex queries for analytics that improve query performance and provide clients with better price visibility and control over their expense management.

“Couchbase is a trifecta of value,” said Lupercio. “We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once.”


Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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