In the financial services sector, legacy institutions face growing competition from a field of fintech companies that offer personalized products at lower costs. Fintech innovation is largely driven by the ability to access and harness new forms of data. But, as this data grows in volume and variety, it becomes more complex to manage. Adding to the challenge, merchants and their customers have increasingly high expectations for the speed and performance of the applications they use to conduct business.

BR-DGE is a payments technology company that powers billions of monthly global transactions for e-merchants and their customers as well as the partners in their growing payments ecosystem. BR-DGE works to give merchants greater choice, flexibility, and freedom – while ensuring the ecosystem can collaborate to promote growth on both sides.

To guarantee its customers a user-friendly and streamlined end-to-end payment experience for their e-commerce websites, BR-DGE must harness vast volumes of sensitive financial data in near real-time with high availability and scalability. BR-DGE selected Couchbase Server on AWS because of Couchbase’s proven track record providing fintech companies with the flexibility, automation, and speed they need to innovate.

Streamlining Payments System with NoSQL

At the center of BR-DGE’s platform, Couchbase captures and stores data for each merchant, their account configurations, and whichever payment providers they’ve enabled.

“Couchbase is the beating heart of our payment data and of all the functionality we provide to our customers,” explained Stuart Brand, the platform engineering manager at BR-DGE. “The platform has been easy to deploy and manage from the very beginning.” 

BR-DGE uses a microservices architecture with multiple data centers running in multiple clouds. Customer payment details, including credit card CVV numbers, are stored in a specific bucket, and for security purposes, are held only for a specific time frame. This data retention policy delivers performance and cost-efficiencies because it limits the length of time data is stored.

Couchbase’s cross data center replication (XDCR) allows organizations to replicate data across databases whether they’re in the same location or in different clouds and different data centers. This protects against data center failure and provides high-performance data access for globally distributed mission-critical applications.

Providing Smoother Checkouts and Boosting Revenue

BR-DGE provides its customers with a modular solution offering a wealth of connectivity in addition to tools such as smart routing for end-to-end payment journey optimization, insightful reporting across payment performance and network token encryption services. By integrating with over 100 payment providers and with over 200 alternative payment methods, BR-DGE enables merchants to integrate just once to access any of those services. By having so many options, the merchants gain leverage against providers who charge high fees, and consumers get a smoother checkout by being able to choose their preferred payment option. The end result is fewer abandoned carts and more revenue for BR-DGE customers, along with the following benefits:

    • 6%+ of revenue recaptured through failover transaction recovery
    • 88% faster time to market with new integrations
    • 10-37% reduction in acquiring fees
    • 2-7% increase in payment authorization rates

Read the full BR-DGE case study to learn more.

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Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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