Couchbase recently sponsored the Beeloud and Build 2024 AI Hackathon. BeeLoud’s (the event’s organizer) goal was to put the Vancouver tech scene on the map and explore the AI world alongside impactful and high-profile builders, mentors, and investor judges.

Beeloud looks to empower humans to bring their ideas to life and become creators of tools, content, and solutions within an engaged, borderless, and tech-savvy community to shape the next 100 years of life on Earth and beyond.

For this event, 200+ people gathered in Vancouver, London, and virtually around the world – including developers, architects, designers, product managers, and product marketers. 30 teams were formed and these teams created and submitted over 15 different products/companies. The projects were taken from the idea stage, to a minimum viable product, to supporting active users – in the span of a 54 hour sprint!

Most of the projects leveraged a NoSQL database, including a majority that were built on Couchbase. All of the teams were creative in their use, and in the end KindSettle brought home the prize for their use of Capella for their application designed to help separating parents workout the child support process with the aid of a retrieval-augmented generative (RAG) application. MedAI and MergenAI rounded out the top three finishers.

The energy, drive, curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit was contagious at this event. Participants were curious about how to leverage Couchbase’s NoSQL database plus AI to build their projects.

“Instead of building a product and finding a team, we built a team and are rapid prototyping the idea. So many sparked moments, especially with Couchbase. Couchbase you have a massive fan, I’m definitely sold on your platform,” said Katie Hong.

Couchbase was excited to be a part of this event and is already looking forward to next year! Thank you Beeloud for the successful event, and thank you to all the attendees! Watch the live recording or scroll down to get the GitHub repo links from the projects.

GitHub Repos

Here are the other projects that leveraged Couchbase:

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Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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