Today we’re excited to announce a developer preview release of CBFT, which offers full-text indexing for Couchbase Server.  CBFT will allow Couchbase users to more easily add full-text search capabilities to their application without having to deploy additional infrastrucutre dedicated to search.

The CBFT developer preview offers:

  • analysis and indexing powered by Bleve, a full-text library written in Go
  • advanced index mapping to customize behavior to your documents
  • faceted search
  • incremental indexing using Couchbase DCP technology
  • index replication and rebalancing for high availability
  • index aliases for easy searching across your Couchbase buckets

This developer preview is just the first step, we look forward towards a complete integration with Couchbase Server with all the performance and stability that demands.

To get started, visit:

Here you’ll find a getting started guide, download links and technical documentation.  An important part of the developer preview process is getting high quailty feedback.  Users can discuss CBFT in the Couchbase Forums.

Coming to Couchbase Connect?  Attend our session ‘A Sneak Peek of CBFT, Full Text Search for Couchbase’ to learn more!


Posted by Marty Schoch, Senior Software Engineer, Couchbase

Marty Schoch is a Senior Software Engineer at Couchbase. Marty is the author of the Couchbase Plugin for Elasticsearch and early versions of N1QL. Marty is also a core contributor to the Couchbase Go SDK and has worked on many experimental Couchbase Labs projects using Go. Currently, Marty is researching new index technology for future versions of Couchbase. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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  1. Why do I need CBFT if N1QL is out with CB server v4 soon?

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