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The effect of COVID-19 will forever transform the digital infrastructure of the healthcare industry. The pandemic has shown that healthcare organizations must accelerate their investment in technologies that advance a virtual strategy and lets hospitals implement practices like self-triage and virtual care. Prudent organizations will ensure these investments are folded into their long-term strategy as they make the shift from reactive to proactive care. Couchbase is a proven database for the health industry that powers medical innovation and brings scale, high performance, flexibility, and reliability to modern healthcare applications.

Customer success spotlight

AEDES transforms patient care in sub-Saharan Africa with low-cost digital records based on Couchbase.

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Low-cost digital records

BD offers an always-on diabetes mobile app and clinician portal using Couchbase, moving the point of care closer to the patient and improving long-term disease management.

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Always-on diabetes mobile app

SyncThink powers HIPAA-compliant sideline concussion assessment in 60 seconds with Couchbase, Microsoft Azure, and Android tablets.

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Assessment in 60 seconds

Why Couchbase NoSQL for healthcare

High availability

Healthcare applications and services need to be available 24/7. Couchbase provides five-nines availability with built-in high availability and includes powerful cross data center replication (XDCR) capabilities to support disaster recovery and data locality requirements. With Couchbase, you have full control over the topology – unidirectional, bidirectional, or any configuration you need.

Connected health mobile devices

Couchbase is the only NoSQL database that supports interactions online, in person (like the doctor’s office, a patient’s home, or the hospital), or on the go. Couchbase Mobile extends Couchbase Server to the edge with an embedded NoSQL database (Couchbase Lite) and a web gateway (Sync Gateway), to enable apps to work offline regardless of network availability, power the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) at the edge and in the cloud, and support peer-to-peer replication.

Best-in-class performance

While other NoSQL databases like MongoDB™ require a third-party cache – adding to both cost and complexity – Couchbase has a fully integrated read-through and write-through caching layer. Couchbase’s memory- and network-centric architecture consistently delivers the sub-millisecond responsiveness that today’s patients and caregivers expect.


Couchbase drives the flexibility and increased operational efficiency you need to not only get your healthcare applications deployed quickly, but to keep up with constantly changing data in those applications. Couchbase’s powerful query language allows developers to easily query JSON data using familiar, SQL-like expressions. Tightly integrated full-text search, real-time analytics, and powerful eventing services make it easy to add new features to your application on the fly without moving data into and managing dozens of database technologies, finally putting an end to database sprawl.

Secure and compliant

Couchbase ensures HIPAA compliance with enterprise-level security throughout the entire platform including encryption, role-based access control, auditing, and more. Today’s leading medical and healthcare companies choose Couchbase to power mission-critical applications that meet these security and privacy regulations.

Multi-dimensional scaling

Couchbase’s network-centric architecture with a high-performance replication backbone allows the database to be easily extended while maintaining performance at scale. Unlike relational databases like Oracle and MySQL or NoSQL database MongoDB, Couchbase scales (in, out, up, or down) easily and without disruption to meet these demands.

Industry use cases & solutions

Health device management

Manage data from different sources and devices, push it to the edge, and make sure it’s always available online and offline.

On-demand patient care

Ensure applications always work regardless of the network availability at a hospital, doctor’s office, or patient’s home.

Health activity logging

Enable users to input health information, see application data, and perform other functions at any time, online or offline.

Medical record management

Power the mobile apps that collect administrative and medical data at hospitals with poor network connections or none at all.

Mainframe offload

Improve response times and substantially lower costs by caching frequently used data and reducing workloads.

Healthcare reference architecture

Customer 360

Provide end-to-end customer experience with apps like health activity logging, medical record management, and more.

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Field service

Power next-gen healthcare apps with device management, patient health portals, health activity logging, medical record management, and more.

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IoT data management

Power your Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications, including data collection via wearables, healthcare device management, activity logging, and more.

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