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MOLO17 — Safer sailing by streamlining rescue efforts with Couchbase Capella

MOLO17 is a Couchbase partner that securely unlocks enterprise data potential with 100% uptime and uninterrupted business continuity. When the MOLO17 team was approached by Insiel SpA to build a location tracking and communication application for Barcolana, the world-renowned regatta in the Gulf of Trieste, they turned to Couchbase’s fully managed backend designed for mobile, IoT, and edge applications – Capella App Services on AWS.

About MOLO17


    • Relaying coordinates and location information to the coast guard via radio resulted in a higher likelihood for inaccuracies and miscommunication due to the close proximity of vessels
    • It took a long time to find sailors in the open sea, since there are more than one thousand boats that all look similar
    • Lack of internet connectivity while boats are on the water delayed communication and assistance


    • 200 app downloads and 10 boats rescued in minutes vs. hours
    • Precise, one-tap location information from sailors leading to safer events and faster emergency response times
    • Streamlined information flow, offline availability, and near-real-time synchronization even while the app is in the background
    • Happier, safer sailing teams
With the support of Insiel SpA and our partner Couchbase, MOLO17 is proud to have delivered a strategic tool that the Italian Coast Guard can deploy in emergency situations where it is critical to precisely locate and communicate with vessels at sea.

Daniele Angeli Founder & CEO, MOLO17

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