Bringing NoETL to NoSQL to optimize your analytics pipeline

Enable fast ingest and querying of your operational JSON data without the headache and pain of ETL processes and data transformations. With Couchbase Analytics you can run familiar SQL queries using N1QL for Analytics. Take advantage of Couchbase workload isolation while writing ad hoc queries that do not impact the performance of your primary business applications.



Is architectural complexity restricting your ability to gain timely insights from operational data?


Time to insight

Gaining insight quickly from operational data is paramount for business success. Having to transform and process data before it can be analyzed reduces efficiency and impedes business success.


Traditional data warehouses require schema modifications when JSON source data changes. These adaptations and transformations reduce application agility and require constant maintenance.


Operational complexity

Supporting multiple operations and analytics systems introduces both architectural complexity as well as application development complexity. Maintaining multiple systems is inefficient, requiring additional infrastructure complexity and cost.

Bringing NoETL to NoSQL: enabling organizations to derive rich real-time insights on operational data

Unmatched agility and flexibility

Reduce time to insight by making operational data available for analytical processing in near-real time.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for creating a separate layer for analytical data while continuing to enjoy NoSQL schema flexibility. Focus on development without worrying about synchronizing between operational and analytic systems.

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Unmatched agility and flexibility
Unparalleled performance at any scale

Unparalleled performance at any scale

Run analytical queries at any scale with a massively parallel processing (MPP) engine that scales linearly with the flexibility to add capacity on demand.

Analytical queries are run on dedicated nodes that can offload complex, resource-intensive queries and don’t impact the query latency and throughput of operational systems.

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The easiest platform to use and manage

Couchbase Analytics architecture makes it easy to manage and worry-free to adopt. With the easy-to-use web-based management console, you can add nodes with a few clicks.  

Simplify operations with analytical and operational workloads in a single platform, while enjoying optional workload isolation out of the box.

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The easiest platform to use and manage

"Couchbase Analytics ... allows you to derive real-time insights from your operational data."

Till Westmann
Senior Director for Analytics, Couchbase

Technical features and capabilities

N1QL for Analytics – SQL++ query language

The first commercial implementation of the SQL++ query language standard, designed specifically to bring familiar SQL querying to schemaless, semi-structured JSON databases.

SQL++ for SQL users

Workload isolation

Couchbase Multi-Dimensional Scaling allows analytic workloads to be isolated from the business applications built on the operational data service. Scale up the analytics service as needed, independent of the data service.

Couchbase core features

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