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Is your schema so rigid it changes with the seasons instead of with the tides? Are your mobile apps so slow they’re losing users? Couchbase’s cloud-native distributed architecture is designed to overcome these challenges and more while speeding up your time to market. It lets you:

  • Deliver sub-millisecond response times at scale using an in-memory database
  • Simplify product development with robust support for SQL for JSON, ACID transactions, JOINs, indexing assistance, and a patented cost-based optimizer
  • Improve application richness and eliminate database sprawl with a flexible JSON document storage model, a dynamic schema, and built-in multi-model services

Challenge 1:

Performance at scale

Legacy databases

Logins are slow, session data gets lost, and systems are swamped by concurrent users.


In-memory processing provides a faster database architecture that delivers millisecond responses at scale and high availability anywhere on the planet.

Challenge 2:

Flexibility for rapidly evolving applications

Legacy databases

Due to rigid structures, the process of evolving an application takes a lot of time and resources, often including the services of a DBA.


Application changes are routine and time to market is shorter thanks to a flexible database architecture that takes advantage of a JSON document model and multi-model capabilities.

Challenge 3:

Talent shortages

Legacy databases

Yesterday’s databases can’t keep up with the performance and flexibility demands of today’s systems. Implementing necessary NoSQL and big data technologies has a steep learning curve and may require the help of expensive outside experts.


A familiar database architecture allows your development team to use their existing relational database skills for SQL, ACID, and JOINs. User-defined functions replace stored procedures, and Couchbase also provides automatic cost optimization and index advice.

Challenge 4:

Database sprawl

Legacy databases

Mainframe and relational databases weren’t designed for the needs of modern applications such as cloud and mobile data processing. As a result, first-generation cloud technologies make existing sprawl even worse with a different database for every data access model.


A distributed multi-model system matches relational, key-value, JSON, search, and streaming access models to support countless application features without perpetuating sprawl. Couchbase also supports deployments from the cloud to the edge to create applications that can go anywhere.

Challenge 5:

Expensive cloud lock-in

Legacy databases

Cloud providers would prefer you choose their multiple niche databases and related technologies. This locks you in, reduces flexibility, and ultimately increases your costs.


Control your choices and costs with a future-proof multicloud architecture. Self-manage with our cloud-native automation products supporting CNCF and Kubernetes. Or choose Couchbase Capella™, our DBaaS, with our best performance, easiest management, and lowest TCO.

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30% of the Fortune 100 companies rely on Couchbase


Amadeus migrated from Oracle to Couchbase to support microsecond speed and scale with our memory-first architecture.

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Domino's replaced legacy SQL components with Couchbase and was able to create personalized campaigns with operational data analytics.

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Staples couldn’t scale DB2 to support customers’ real-time visibility into product availability and delivery estimates. With Couchbase they increased customer acquisition and retention.

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Vodafone Spain trusts Couchbase for scale, reliability, and performance in delivering millions of SMS and email messages to customers every year. 

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