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3 steps to offload your legacy workloads with Couchbase

Legacy databases can’t meet the requirements of new modern applications for flexibility, speed, reliability, availability, and scale. You get the best of both worlds with Couchbase: the relational query structure that you love paired with the NoSQL scale and flexibility your database needs. It’s your choice whether to offload piecemeal legacy workloads or to migrate as a whole. Follow this three-step process to migrate your legacy database solution to Couchbase.

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Learn how customers like Facet Digital and Care.com modernized with Couchbase and AWS.

See how customers like Staples and SyncThink modernized with Couchbase on Azure.

Modernize your legacy systems with Couchbase and GCP.

Accelerate your migration journey using our partners

Couchbase's unique fusion of traditional relational features and NoSQL flexibility enables your migration or offload process to take weeks instead of years. Our Couchbase partners have the tools and expertise to help assess your application data and infrastructure architecture, convert relational models to JSON models, and migrate the data from your legacy RDBMS into Couchbase.

Couchbase and Infosys provide cloud-native offerings to achieve legacy and mainframe database modernization with innovation and cost-efficiency.

Empower your legacy business apps. Keep your RDBMS and Couchbase in sync with the GlueSync streaming data connector for SQL Server, Oracle, and Db2.

Quest data modeling for Couchbase helps you create database models and convert relational models into Couchbase NoSQL.

Use CData drivers to connect to Couchbase from anywhere, and bridge the gap between SQL and NoSQL.

Accenture combines unmatched experience and specialized skills across 40+ industries and all business functions to make legacy applications more agile and efficient.

Red Hat's infrastructure and application modernization and container adoption solutions make it easy to use Couchbase as the data layer for containerized applications.

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