Maccabi Case Study

Transforming the patient experience using Couchbase


Customer application

  • Mobile healthcare

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Healthcare 360
  • User profile store
  • Caching


Key features

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Maccabi is the second-largest healthcare maintenance operator (HMO) in Israel, covering over 2.3 million beneficiaries (26% of market share). It operates both as an insurer of its members and as their care provider. It is a community-based healthcare provider that provides most of the care in the community. Maccabi leverages Couchbase for performance at scale, integrated caching, and mobile.

“We wanted a solution that seamlessly works across server and mobile, and that the developers could use without lots of retraining. None of the other solutions came even close to Couchbase’s broad enterprise capabilities.”

Aviram Agmon
CTO, Maccabi Health Care


  • Overcome over thirty years of technical debt, diversified databases from different generations
  • Mainframe maintenance was hindering the ability to keep up with growing demands
  • The legacy application consistently experienced slowdowns and offline periods, especially during high demand periods


  • Consolidated data across multiple systems into one easy to query database for mobile users
  • 2.3 million customers manage their healthcare via a single mobile app
  • Ongoing 1,000 concurrent connections during daytime with zero slowdowns or offline periods have led to a 60% improvement in user ratings