MongoDB Atlas App Services vs. Couchbase Mobile

Top mobile development challenges with MongoDB Atlas App Services and how Couchbase Mobile solves them.


Key features of Couchbase Mobile vs. MongoDB Atlas App Services and Realm

Unlike MongoDB Atlas App Services and Realm, Couchbase Mobile offers hosted or self-managed deployments, SQL support, peer-to-peer sync, embedded device support, and customizable conflict resolution.

  • What’s included
  • Offline support
  • Platform support
  • Flexible topologies
  • Peer-to-peer sync
  • Delta sync
  • Sync conflict resolution
  • SQL++
  • On-premises/self-managed deployment
  • Vector search on-device
  • Couchbase
  • Mobile, IoT, and embedded device support
  • Comprehensive, customizable
  • MongoDB Atlas App Services/Realm
  • Mobile platforms only
  • Basic, no customization

What customers are saying

  • “We need to have a robust supply chain as well as a good frontline sales application to be able to manage the orders and deliver products.”
    Madhav Mekala, Director of Mobile App Development, PepsiCo
    30K users
  • “With Capella, millions of players are able to have a consistent experience without any disruptions. These capabilities are critical for us.”
    Lars Schmeller, Team Lead, Lotum
    800 million downloads worldwide
    10+ million monthly active users
  • “The peer-to-peer synchronization in Couchbase Mobile enables patient data to be shared across the clinic seamlessly in real time.”
    Lori Most, CEO, BackpackEMR
    20% reduction in charting costs
    25% reduction in manual processes
Code snippet

Couchbase Mobile supports SQL, which is more intuitive than MongoDB’s query language

SELECT SUM(value * volume) AS val, symbol
FROM   db.stocks
WHERE  symbol IN ( "AAPL", "GOOG" ) AND value > 0
GROUP  BY symbol
ORDER  BY val DESC, symbol ASC

	 { "$match": {
	 	 "$and": [
	 	 	 {"symbol": {
	 	 	 	 "$in": [
	 	 	 { "value": {
	 	 	 "$gt": 0 }}]}},
	 { "$group": {
	 	 "_id": {
	 	 	 "symbol": "$symbol" },
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": {
	 	 	 "$sum": {
	 	 	 	 "$multiply": [
	 { "$project": {
	 	 "_id": 0,
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": "$sum(value * volume)",
	 	 "symbol": "$_id.symbol"}}
	 { "$sort": {
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": -1,
	 	 "symbol": 1 }}]})

Couchbase Mobile sample app with peer-to-peer sync

Install the sample app on two or more devices and start syncing data in seconds!

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