Couchbase wants to publish YOUR tutorials and blogs

If you know Couchbase and the benefits of NoSQL, we would love to hear from you! Couchbase is looking for content area experts who are great at solving challenging problems and explaining complex ideas to provide tutorials, blogs, and content to be published on our website. You don't have to be an experienced writer. We will work with you to revise, refine, and publish your post to share with our community and you can get paid $200 per article written and posted on our blog.

How it works


1. Choose a topic, see some suggestions below:


  • GeoJSON with .NET
  • Paging with N1QL
  • Paging with Linq2Couchbase (skip, take, offset, etc.)
  • Backup and restore, cbimport
  • Inserting documents with sequential keys (autonumber)
  • Using pillowfight: how and why
  • Programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java
  • Kafta Kafka, Spark, Messaging Architectures like RabbitMQ or NATS, Talend or Mule
  • Backup, Restore, Deployment with Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • React Native and Mobile
  • Dependency injection, Data binding or testing.


2. Write and submit


3. Get paid


Desired content and style


  • High-level technical overviews
  • Decision-maker topics, including benefits and trade-offs
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Technical expertise and best practices
  • Correct and comprehensive commands
  • Clear explanations
  • Friendly, concise, and informative style
  • Articles should be based on Couchbase 5.5 and Mobile 2.0


Write for us!


If you are interested in writing for us please submit the form below.


You’re encouraged to write and submit multiple posts. Your submission must be original, meaningful, and technical


  • Written in English — we will help review the content and provide feedback where necessary
  • Some previous experience in writing tutorials or technical overviews
  • Some background on the subject you're going to write about

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