The need to build and deploy modern applications has never been more pressing.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives – seizing opportunities to better support customers, partners and employees with dynamic applications that solve real problems. Organizations that follow this path will thrive in the new world we now live in.

What these successful enterprise organizations all have in common is that they’re modernizing now.

And that’s exactly why modernize now is the theme of Couchbase ConnectONLINE 2021.

Join Us for Couchbase ConnectONLINE

Couchbase ConnectONLINE is the annual flagship event of the Couchbase community. At this virtual gathering, you’ll network with like-minded developers exploring modern data, NoSQL and the cloud.

Join us for this two-day event where we’ll showcase real-world customer use cases, walk through hands-on data engineering examples, explore new Couchbase features, and discuss the future of data management and application development.

Who’s Speaking at Couchbase ConnectONLINE

The full agenda for Couchbase Connect is now live, so check that out for the full listing speakers and sessions – it’s a lot!

But I’m particularly excited to tell you about the keynote speakers – and headlining customer stories – that you’ll get to experience at this year’s event. You’ll hear from:

Matt Cain, President and CEO of Couchbase, will talk about “The Enterprise Journey to Modern Applications.” Global enterprises have accelerated their modernization of business-critical applications in the wake of the pandemic, and Matt will reflect on how Couchbase empowers these leading organizations to build their next-gen modern apps with a modern database.

Scott Anderson, SVP of Product Management and Business Operations, will present on the enterprise journey to the cloud, and how that journey looks different for each organization. Scott will review the highlights of Couchbase’s cloud strategy and demonstrate how Couchbase accelerates development for enterprises looking to expedite their modernization plans.

Mahdav Mekala from Pepsico will talk about their journey to inventory management modernization. Delivering drinks and snacks to consumers requires a complex web of interlocking distribution systems and ever-shifting logistics, which is why Pepsico partnered with Couchbase to architect an offline-available solution to field sales reps. This session will show how Couchbase enables enterprises to build complex solutions quickly, reliably and at scale.

We’ll See You There

These are just a few of the amazing speakers you’ll see at Couchbase ConnectONLINE 2021. Check out the full agenda to see all of the presentations and speakers and we’re always adding more!

This year’s Couchbase Connect is going to be an incredible event – I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Get your ticket today and I’ll see you there.



Posted by John Kreisa, CMO

John Kreisa is the Chief Marketing Officer of Couchbase.

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