If you’ve been following along, a developer preview version of the library was released last month. It contained a whole bunch of improvements which you can read about here.


Updated API docs is at http://docs.couchbase.com/sdk-api/couchbase-c-client-2.4.0-beta/index.html

Download Page is at http://packages.couchbase.com/clients/c/index.html

We’ve made some more stability improvements to the library and fixed some minor issues along the way. Some of the more notable changes we’ve made between DP and Beta are:

  • HTTP keepalive is now implemented for views. This means that if you issue multiple subsequent view requests, they will all reuse the same TCP connection, rather than creating and destroying a new one!.
  • Additional documentation, particularly for the v3 API.
  • The dsn field was renamed to connstr
  • We’ve rewritten the input format of our manpages from asciidoc to ronnronn is a markdown-like syntax for writing manpages and produces very beautiful results. As an added bonus it integrates somewhat well with Doxygen’s markdown parser, allowing the manpages to also be visible in the Doxygen output
  • RPM packages for EL7 (e.g. CentOS 7) are being built. This was in response to a request on our communities page. (If you’re an ubuntu version, we’ve been creating packages for Trusty/14.04 since the developer preview edition).


Posted by Mark Nunberg, Software Engineer, Couchbase

Mark Nunberg is a software engineer working at Couchbase. He maintains the C client library (libcouchbase) as well as the Python client. He also developed the Perl client (for use at his previous company) - which initially led him to working at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, he worked on distributed and high performance routing systems at an eCommerce analytics firm. Mark studied Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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