In the Digital Economy, retail and eCommerce companies compete based on customer experience and operational efficiency – customers expect personalized engagements, relevant information, and instant gratification, but their expectations have to be met while reducing operational costs and time to market. For architects, developers, and operations engineers, the pressure to deliver great customer experiences, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation has never been greater. As a result, companies across all retail and eCommerce categories are embracing NoSQL to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and agility.

When it comes to customer experience, performance and availability are critical. Whether customers know it or not, they’re interacting with a database. They’re accessing data for products, engagement and more – and if it’s not readily available, the customer’s experience suffers. Shoppers expect every request, whether it’s finding and viewing a product, adding it to the shopping cart, or proceeding to checkout, to be handled immediately.

This becomes even more critical throughout November, especially on Black Friday. 70%+ of people expect to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with over 50%+ coming from mobile devices. Retailers need easier, more affordable scalability during these peak times to provide the experience customers are expecting. Tesco, the world’s third largest retailer by gross revenue, uses Couchbase to power catalog and inventory management. In fact, Black Friday 2023 marks 8 years since Tesco leveraged Couchbase for its busiest and most successful day in company history for sales on its Tesco Direct website.

With Couchbase, Tesco can easily deliver a superior shopping experience, supporting tens of millions of products in-store and online and 35K requests per second for millions of customers. The company runs price and promotions, inventory management, shopping cart, supply chain, and new product applications with high performance and high availability.

Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL platform provides the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of fast-changing data, as well as the performance, availability, and scalability to support massive numbers of users, large amounts of data, and very high throughput requirements. JSON enables flexible schema for changing SKUs and support for SQL and text-based queries. As Tesco’s requirements grow, Couchbase Server provides easy, push button scalability, allowing the retailer to simply add nodes on demand as system capacity and throughput needs increase. There’s no doubt that Black Friday 2023 will be another record breaking success for Couchbase’s retail customers.

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Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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