Last week saw the first edition of Span, a London developer conference all about building scalable systems.

114 developers spent the day listening to eleven speakers, covering topics such as reactive programming, unified logs, the history of Erlang, stream processing, data analytics and distributed data stores, including Couchbase.

Michael Nitschinger at Span LondonCouchbase Java SDK developer, Michael Nitschinger, spoke about his work in building the 2.0 version of the Couchbase Server SDK. His was the only talk to focus on tackling scalability from the client, rather than server, side and he paid particular attention to how he has used reactive techniques to create an asynchronous interface.

Although Span wasn't a Couchbase event, it was organised by both me and Phil Fehre in the Developer Advocacy team as a spare-time hobby, and Couchbase were proud to sponsor the conference.

At Couchbase, everything we do is built with scalability as our primary driver. From the shared-nothing architecture of Couchbase Server, through the new Database Change Protocol introduced in Couchbase Server 3.0, to the always-on automatic syncing of Couchbase Mobile. So, it made a lot of sense for us to be right at the heart of London's first conference dedicated to scalable systems.

Videos of all the Span talks, including Michael's, will be online soon. I'll post again here with a link to Michael's video when it's available.

In the mean-time, we're making plans for Span 2015!


Posted by Matthew Revell, Lead Developer Advocate, EMEA, Couchbase

Matthew Revell is a Lead Dev Advocate, EMEA Couchbase. He developed a global strategy for putting Couchbase front in the minds of the product's developers.

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