The location of the NCDevCon Conference is held annually on the Centennial Campus of NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and covers a wide variety of mobile, web development and design topics that includes Web / HTML5 / CSS, Mobile, Javascript / jQuery and ColdFusion.

The North Carolina Premier Web and Mobile Conference, NCDevCon is stacked with a lineup full of current hot trends and topics ranging from Nolan Erck's “Crash Course in Ionic + Angular JS” in the mobile track, Jan Kleinert's “Web Analytics, Who Cares? I Do, And So Should You!” in the web track and Aaron Benton sessions on “Getting Started with NoSQL” and “Creating a Couchbase Application” in the Software Development vertical.  You may see the full two day weekend schedule lineup over at the NCDevCon agenda.

The offline app experience is one of the major trends in mobile, for the Couchbase session we will go over that trend on how to create Offline Mobile Apps with Couchbase Mobile using NoSQL technology and I will be looking forward to meeting everyone over at the session and conference! 

You may reach me over on Twitter for any questions and followups too but can take a look before hand at how Ryan Air improved their Mobile App experience by using Couchbase Mobile for an offline experience.








Posted by William Hoang, Mobile Developer Advocate, Couchbase

William was a Developer Advocate on the Mobile Engineering/Developer Experience team at Couchbase. His love for coffee and code has transcended him into the world of mobile while appreciating the offline in-person experiences. Prior, William worked on the Developer Relations team over at Twitter, BlackBerry, and Microsoft while also having been a Software Embedded GPS engineer at Research In Motion. William graduated from McGill University in Electrical Software Engineering

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