When I’m presenting at events, I often get questions around data modeling.  It is common to interact with developers that work with relational databases, but are very interested in a NoSQL database.  I, for example, started my database career with an Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database.  Having become familiar with structured RDBMS data the concept of NoSQL was very strange.  What does your data look like?  How do you query it?

In this video I put together, I give a quick overview on some ways to model data in Couchbase.  I list a simple RDBMS example and convert it to JSON document format.  In the end I query it and it is like there was no switch between databases.

Although the above video doesn’t go into everything, it should be enough to put you on a solid path.  If something still doesn’t make sense, I encourage you to put a question in the comments section.

For information on using these NoSQL documents in your application, check out the developer portal for examples.


Posted by Nic Raboy, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

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