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Bio: I started coding as a kid, and the passion has never faded away. Five years ago I decided to start my developer career as a freelancer, mainly in the mobile and front-end areas. During that time, I lost a lot of sleep, learned to design native mobile applications from scratch, and dealt with both inspiring clients and time-wasting clients. I earned the Associate Android Developer certification, but ultimately fell in love with Flutter as a mobile cross-platform framework and Couchbase as a NoSQL database. I started the Fluttercouch open source project and am now employed as a full-stack developer.


Tell us about yourself and what you do in your daily role?

I’ve recently been employed by a software house and I’m leading the development of a long-term project. I’m applying some technologies I used during my freelancing period, such as Flutter and Couchbase. I help the other developers whenever possible, and I’m learning a lot through their experiences.


Where are you based and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m based in northern Italy between Turin and Milan, and live in the countryside where I can enjoy nature, but not be too far from civilization! As a father of two children I don’t have too much spare time, but I do enjoy time with my family, and developing my skills with side projects as Fluttercouch.


What made you choose Couchbase?

Offline-first and offline-tolerant software are a must nowadays, and Couchbase gives the power to developers to add these features to their applications with ease. NoSQL flexibility gracefully fits with OOP patterns, and with N1QL you can reach the same data elaboration capability as with relational databases. But the main reason why I chose Couchbase over other solutions is the flawless syncing data capability with mobile and IoT devices.


What have you accomplished using Couchbase?

I’ve successfully deployed full-stack solutions, most of which have a mobile user frontend and a web administrative backend. Many include backend operations triggered by events arriving from mobile users. Some examples are course subscription confirmations, notifications sent through email or push notifications, reminders, real-time statistical data, etc.


What one feature of Couchbase do you use and what should people know about it?

Besides syncing and N1QL, I think the less-known features are the Eventing service in Couchbase Server and webhooks/polling in Sync Gateway. They are irreplaceable for event-driven applications, and remove the  worries of network connectivity, caching of unsynced data, HTTP errors handling, and so on.


If you could have three wishes for Couchbase what would they be?

To be more understood and used, to sync with browsers for progressive web applications development, and to deliver specific IoT solutions.


What is your favorite book or author, and why?

My favorite book is “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is fun to read with children, but speaks bold and loud to adults, and gives an endless hope for a better future reached primarily through better humans rather than better technologies.


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