Introducing Couchbase .NET SDK 2.3.0 and 2.3.1

Today we are releasing version 2.3.0 of the official Couchbase SDK for .NET languages! This is a minor release and includes support for all new Couchbase Server 4.5 features including Full Text Search (FTS), the new Sub-Document API, RYOW and more!

Note that 2.3.0 was released earlier this month and 2.3.1 is a follow-up which contains one important patch for RYOW.

What is in this release?

The focus of this release are SDK support for Couchbase Server 4.5 features (which was release today!). Since we have already blogged about each of these features when they were in Developer Preview, I will refer to those posts:

In addition to the features above, a number of improvements and bug fixes have also made it into this release. You can read the full-release notes below.

Release Notes

Release Notes – Couchbase .NET client library – Version 2.3.0 and 2.3.1

  • [NCBC-1096] – Make Configuration system more abstract to support JSON configs
  • [NCBC-1114] – Refactor System.Timers.Timer to System.Threading.Timer
  • [NCBC-1110] – GetFromReplica times out if key does not exist
  • [NCBC-1117] – HttpServerConfig Doesn’t Validate Server Certificate
  • [NCBC-1119] – MutationTokens Do Not Work Because BucketRef Is Always Null
  • [NCBC-1120] – Cannot Set UseEnhancedDurability To True Without Defining A ConnectionPool
  • [NCBC-1121] – RYOW ConsistentWith Doesn’t Function For N1QL Queries
  • [NCBC-1131] – Regression causes HttpStreamingProvider to auth invalid password
  • [NCBC-1135] – Use Endpoint instead of Uri for SslStream.Authenticate
  • [NCBC-1136] – Regression – MutationToken are not set when UseEnhancedDurabity is true
  • [NCBC-1013] – Add certificate validation to SslConnection
  • [NCBC-1051] – Investigate making IO layer pluggable via code configuration
  • [NCBC-1079] – Add streaming JSON parser for N1QL and Views
  • [NCBC-1122] – Add IgnoreRemoteCertificateNameMismatch config flag to ignore TLS hostname validation
  • [NCBC-769] – Ensure support for “Consistency Parameters” is implemented correctly
  • [NCBC-1105] – Add integration tests for AT_PLUS
  • [NCBC-1130] – Make SslConnection use ClientConfiguration.BufferSize
  • [NCBC-1137] – Auth error causes BootstrapException to be thrown
  • [NCBC-1140] – If CarrierPublicationProvider is disposed do not reset timer
  • [NCBC-1147] – MutationToken uses wrong bucket – impacts RYOW

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Posted by Jeff Morris, Senior Software Engineer, Couchbase

Jeff Morris is a Senior Software Engineer at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, Jeff spent six years at Source Interlink as an Enterprise Web Architect. Jeff is responsible for the development of Couchbase SDKs and how to integrate with N1QL (query language).

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