Meet this week’s Couchbase Community Champion, Zijun Yang

Tell us about yourself and what you do in your daily role?
I am a System Architect in a startup company named Paclane in Peking, China. I have 10 years experience in system integration, and 8 years experience in the Identity Access Management area. I am now responsible for designing system architecture and researching new technologies that we might use, such as react, react native, Couchbase, IoT,ETL tools, web security, and so on. I like to read Couchbase forums and blogs to find out how users use Couchbase, as well as  contribute to the community.. I think it is the best way to learn new technologies.

Where are you based and what do you like to do in your spare time?
I am currently based in Sinkiang, China, and work remotely from home. In my spare time I like to play with my two little daughters at home, and other times I like to research internet products and their related business models.

What made you choose Couchbase?
We needed to change schema frequently, and we wanted to extend the database easily. Couchbase offered big data support, mobile offline support, XDCR for data sync between the data centers, IoT support and full-text search in the future, and easy data query with N1QL.

What one feature of Couchbase do you use and what should people know about it?
N1QL is powerful, flexible, and easy. We use N1QL-prepared REST API to package our business logic for data query, and we use Sync Gateway to control data write.

What have you accomplished using Couchbase?
We started to use Couchbase Mobile by PhoneGap, query data by Couchbase view for web application, and we use Elasticsearch plugin to transfer data to Elasticsearch, and then query data by Elasticsearch for some complex query. When N1QL was announced, we removed Elasticsearch, and we used N1QL to rewrite all view query and Elasticsearch query (we don’t use full-text search yet). It works great.

If you could have three wishes for Couchbase what would they be?
My three wishes would be:
1. More events in China. (I participated in a Couchbase event in China in 2015, and then no other events were found in China. fFew people know Couchbase here).
2. More introduction about how people use N1QL and the Couchbase data platform.
3. Increase more integration in ETL and big data ecology.

What is your favorite book or author, and why?
My favourite book in school was “The Fifth Discipline” by Peter M. Senge because it showed me a brand-new view about organization and the way to think about  problems. My favourite book today is “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari. It also shows me a brand-new view to better understand the world.


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