G2’s Fall 2023 reports are here, and we are honored to continue to be recognized as a leader in the Database space year after year. G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace that more than 80 million people annually, including employees at all Fortune 500 companies, use to make smarter software decisions based on peer reviews.

With vendor ratings being based on authentic, real users’ experiences, we are grateful to our customers for sharing their challenges and successes so that we can continue delivering the best possible cloud database for their modern applications. 

This G2 reporting season, Couchbase was recognized across various categories including Key Value Databases, Document Databases, Databases Usability Index and Relationship Index for Databases.

We greatly appreciate all of our customers who take time to write reviews about their Couchbase experience, providing our team with invaluable insights. Here’s some highlights of what they said:

4.5 stars

“It’s a good alternative to MongoDb; it has synchronization and replica logic. It’s easy to interface, implement and use in your software.”

“Fastest noSQL database with almost null latency.”

“Couchbase is a great noSQL database that I have come across. It is very easy to use and highly efficient. We use it as a DB for storing our huge user data for authentication mechanisms. It works really fast.”

5 stars“We are using Couchbase as a backend database and we needed high performance for user’s authentications which is perfectly matched with Couchbase. The other databases did not stand a chance against couchbase.”

“The best database management tool.” 

“We have real-time data handling with flexibility of requests and responses. A normal database won’t help us in that and won’t provide an easy UI…Couchbase covers both the aspects.”

Learn more about what our users have to say on G2’s Couchbase page (or click this link to leave your own review)!

New to Couchbase and want to learn more about our Database-as-a-Service? Try our 30 day free trial of Couchbase Capella.



Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Couchbasze

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