Along with our Membase project co-founders at Zynga, we held our first ever Meetup at Zynga's facilities in San Francisco.

We want to especially thank Ben Hall for co-presenting and Flo, Joi and all of those who helped with “borrowing” the facility and the logistics.  We borrowed the best facility Zynga had for the event, and appreciate their setting it aside for the meetup.  This is not something they normally do, and it's very much appreciated.  I also want to thank Leila and Melinda from Membase for getting everything else coordinated and scoring all of the attendees some t-shirts.

The slides for the event have been posted.

If you weren't able to make this event, there is another bay area meetup in Silicon Valley on Wednesday November 10 at Hewlett-Packard's facilities in Cupertino.


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