Alex Heneveld, CTO Cloudsoft, will be introduce Apache Brooklyn (link) and demonstrate how to deploy Couchbase Server to Amazon Web Services with Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP), a commerically supported distribution of Apache Brooklyn.

What is Apache Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a framework for modeling, monitoring, and managing applications through autonomic blueprints.

What’s this have to do with the cloud?

It’s about deploying and managing applications: composing a full stack for an application; deploying to cloud and non-cloud targets; using monitoring tools to collect key health/performance metrics; responding to situations such as a failing node; and adding or removing capacity to match demand.

Apache Brooklyn is great for deploying NoSQL powered applications to the cloud, private or public or hyrbid.

Interested in Docker? Familiar Chef or Salt? Prefer APT or YUM?

Interested in using these tools to deploy NoSQL databases to AWS, GCE, or OpenStack?

Please join us tomorrow to learn how to automate the provisioning and deployment of NoSQL databases to cloud infrastructure.

DevOps Meets Cloud Webinar Series
Blueprints for Couchbase Server Deployment
August 28th at 10:00AM PDT



Posted by Shane Johnson, Director, Product Marketing, Couchbase

Shane K Johnson was the Director of Product Marketing at Couchbase. Prior to Couchbase, he occupied various roles in developing and evangelism with a background in Java and distributed systems. He has consulted with organizations in the financial, retail, telecommunications, and media industries to draft and implement architectures that relied on distributed systems for data and analysis.

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