Preparation for Data Day

On April 25th, Couchbase’s Latin America team had the opportunity to attend Data Day Mexico 2023, an event organized by our friends at Software Guru. Originally, the Latin America team had planned to organize a meetup for developers in Mexico City, but when offered the chance to participate in this year’s Data Day, the team decided they could potentially reach more people at the event rather than by hosting a meetup.

Couchbase’s Latin America team only had two weeks to promote the event to their clients and to create a keynote presentation from scratch. A day prior to the event the whole team met in person and Daniel Cadenas (Senior Solutions Engineer) along with Juan Carlos Gomez Zea (Enterprise Account Executive), practiced their keynote speech.

Keynote Speech

The event took place at the Hotel Bel-Air in Mexico City’s World Trade Center. At around 9:00 AM, the Couchbase team began to welcome developers, data scientists, and project managers. Before Daniel and Juan Carlos were set to speak, the team decided to once again go over the presentation when Perla Garcia (Sales Development Representative) noticed it would be a better idea to use QR codes in the presentation instead of using links. This would help the audience by allowing them to simply pull out their phone camera and quickly join the Couchbase Linkedin group and download our free Capella trial.

Together, Juan Carlos and Daniel presented on: ASC For Really Remote Edge Computing: How AWS Snowball + SpaceX Starlink + Couchbase Capella provides more uptime, lower latency and better bandwidth usage for apps at the edge. The presentation turned out to be a great success, with more than 200 audience members sitting down to watch. Following the keynote, Juan Carlos noted how much of a difference the QR code made from the links, with 40 people and counting joining the LinkedIn group. Starting May 24, the presentation will be shared online.

Following the presentation, the Couchbase team began to ask the viewers for their feedback and thoughts regarding the keynote. One audience member from BBVA mentioned how “What most impressed us was the quality and world class clients Couchbase has. Couchbase’s low latency and high availability was also very interesting.” The more conversations the team had with people in the IT field, the more they realized how the presentation helped event attendees learn what Couchbase is.

In speaking with a Software Development Manager from OXXO he shared that “I found the presentation extremely interesting. I hadn’t had the opportunity to know what Couchbase was and its technology. It’s a great opportunity for us to integrate our systems.

Lastly, a member from Coppel’s IT team shared how “The topic regarding Edge was something that really caught my attention”. In conclusion, the presentation was a huge success.

Capella Demo & Raffle

Throughout the day, the Couchbase team had been inviting attendees who stopped by the booth to sign up for a raffle and have the chance to win Beats Pro headphones. The raffle portions consisted of a presentation made by Daniel Cadenas, along with a demo detailing Couchbase Capella’s features. Audience members had to stay until the end of both the demo and presentation in order to qualify for the raffle. Following the success of the first raffle, the team decided to organize a final one to close out DataDay. During the final demo, around 50+ people had joined in to watch, where Hussein Tovar (Corporate Account Executive) managed to speak and share Couchbase resources with all of them. Two event attendees ended the day with new Beats Pro headphones.

The Couchbase Latin America team hopes to collaborate with Software Guru again in the future and repeat the success of this event.



Posted by Perla Garcia, Sales Development Representative

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