Couchbase has a strong and long lasting relationship with AWS going back to 2012.  Today we are thrilled to announce that Couchbase and AWS are building upon that relationship with, Couchbase being a featured launch partner for the AWS Marketplace for Containers!

The AWS Marketplace for Containers provides a curated list of container images all within the trusted AWS ecosystem, with a clean and simple UI experience.  The Couchbase Container Enterprise Edition images can be used in any situation that you currently use docker images.  Using the Marketplace you get a peace of mind that you are always using the official Couchbase images.  What is even more exciting is that the listing provides instructions on how to quickly deploy the Couchbase Autonomous Operator on EKS using these images.

AWS Container Marketplace front page

The Couchbase Autonomous Operator is industry-leading and focuses on automated Couchbase cluster management. EKS is a AWS Managed Service for K8s, which means its K8s without the overhead of managing the K8s cluster yourself.  Together this helps to simplify the management side of your infrastructure and who doesn’t like simple?  Setup your EKS cluster, install kubectl and edit a couple of yaml configuration files and you are ready to use the AWS Marketplace for Container images with the Couchbase Autonomous Operator.

Head to the Couchbase downloads page, get the open source Kubernetes version of the Operator, carve out some time and try it out!

Couchbase Download Page


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