Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-first strategies to quickly create and deliver innovative approaches and adapt to constantly changing business needs and customer demands. By 2020, Gartner estimates the public cloud market will be worth $411 billion, therefore we recognize the need to make the Couchbase Data Platform more easily accessible to our customers, regardless of cloud vendor.

As many of our customers operate in the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently published a new Quick Start for using Couchbase on its cloud computing platform. The solution, developed by Couchbase and ClearScale in partnership with AWS, provides a simplified onramp for AWS users to take advantage of the Couchbase Data Platform. The solution helps continue our mission to providing the most accessible modern database that allows users to abstract data and deliver it whenever and wherever its needed.

In just 10 minutes, the new Quick Start allows users to integrate Couchbase capabilities into new or existing AWS infrastructure through automated and customizable AWS CloudFormation templates. The templates allow AWS users to build Couchbase environments such as a virtual private cloud (VPC), an internet gateway and Elastic Load Balancing integrated with Auto Scaling, for load balancing across the servers. The repo containing the templates can be found on Github.

This partnership with Amazon allows AWS customers to access the capabilities of both Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile to build engaging, scalable and responsive mobile, IoT and web applications. Couchbase’s NoSQL technology helps provide simplified manageability, allowing companies to develop applications that best leverage their data to create more personalized customer experiences.

As cloud continues to mature, Couchbase will continue to embrace a multi-cloud approach to offer extended accessibility that helps our customers optimize their workloads, leverage our built-in security features and avoid vendor lock-in.

Check out the AWS Couchbase Quick Start guide to learn more about how to get started!


Posted by Ben Lackey, Director, Cloud Partnerships, Couchbase

I lead cloud partnership for Couchbase, working closely with the teams at AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure Couchbase users get a first-class experience on the cloud of their choice.

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