I am pleased to share that Couchbase has been named to JMP Securities 10th annual Hot 100 report of The Best Privately-Held Software Companies in 2020. At Couchbase, we attack hard problems and play to win, together, and we’re honored to have the collective efforts of Team Couchbase recognized in this way.

First, a little bit of background on JMP: JMP Securities is a premier investment bank that publishes the annual Hot 100 list to recognize outstanding privately-held software companies. The companies selected for the list are evaluated on a range of criteria, including financial growth, products and services, quality of leadership, customer traction, and market potential.

As you might imagine, I for one, am thrilled to be included on any top company list due to our very strong financials and accelerating growth.  But I thought I’d share how we think about achieving those results at Couchbase. To do so, I’d like to focus another one of the key criteria analyzed by JMP for each company, and that is our products and services. Couchbase refers to this part of our business as  “sustained differentiation,” something that has been core to our DNA since our founding.  Over the past several quarters alone, the continued adoption of Couchbase has been fueled by the growing number of enterprises with specific requirements for their business-critical applications. Currently, we call over 30% of the Fortune 100 a valued customer who is running one or more of their most critical applications on Couchbase. 

To best frame up how Couchbase is different, let’s look through the lens of a developer: 

Developers today are building apps to meet the very demanding needs of consumers and enterprise users who require fast and available applications that are personalized and work from anywhere –online and offline. In order for the applications to work, developers need an underlying data platform to support those demanding requirements. Modern applications deemed “business-critical” require a level of flexibility, agility, and cost-effective scaling that cannot be delivered in the rigid environment of a relational database. This is where Couchbase, the enterprise-class, multicloud to edge NoSQL database, comes in. 

Like other strong tech companies, innovation is a key driver of our success. We like to think of it as anticipating customer needs. In February, analyst firm IDC named Couchbase an IDC Innovator because “it’s designed to solve multiple problems in a single system” and  “allows users to apply the same data to multiple workloads and contexts.”  But what’s even more exciting than talking about Couchbase innovation are the successes and recognition our customers and partners have garnered with Couchbase. In March, Couchbase customer Revolut won the Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year award for its solution called “Sherlock,” which was built with Couchbase, and last week, our partner, Gluu, announced it shattered the billion-login-per-day threshold with its open source identity platform that it built on Couchbase.

The success factors that got us on the JMP Hot 100 list are a reflection of our passion for attacking our customers’ hardest problems. With innovations like Couchbase Cloud, Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile, and Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, we continue to arm our customers to solve their biggest technological and database challenges. The momentum for our company continues to build, and I’m delighted that it continues to be recognized. 



Posted by Greg Henry

Greg Henry is Chief Financial Officer at Couchbase, where he is responsible for the overall financial governance and management of the company’s financial operations as well as management of worldwide IT and Facilities operations.

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