Daniele is the founder and CEO of MOLO17. Beginning as a software developer, he founded MOLO17 at age 20 and The Harbor Group at age 26. He constantly experiments with new technologies and is driven by new super-innovative projects.

What was your first introduction to Couchbase?

I selected Couchbase in 2014 after a few years of experience with CouchDB + PouchDB when looking for a more stable, performant and feature-rich experience especially for mobile replica and unique offline capabilities.

What Couchbase product or service do you use the most?

Everyone from Mobile, to Server and now to Capellas Stay tuned because we have an amazing project going out soon that uses the latest cutting edge technology available in Capella, App Services!

What project or product using Couchbase that you worked on are you most proud of?

Zulu Emergency is for sure one of the projects I’m most proud of, especially because of its performance, full-offline support and UX – lives are depending on it. To know more about it please check out Couchbase Connect 2020 (video below) and the Healthcare At The Edge roundtable at Connect 2021.

As an Ambassador, what would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

I see more and more companies currently struggling with legacy database technologies used for the wrong use case just because that was what they had or simply because initially they weren’t expecting such heavy load on their servers, especially with the pandemic. That, the pandemic, changed the rules of the game: I’m talking about the number of users hitting their servers and the high demand for data that they now have to deal with. In the near future, I would like to see more awareness of the Couchbase data platform and how we can solve the limitations these companies are currently facing. Then, hopefully, start talking about new use cases for the technology especially at the edge, which is my favorite topic.

Looking into your crystal ball, what do you (or would like to) see for Couchbase technologies or the tech world in general?

I would like to see Couchbase technology, especially mobile, being world-known and recognized as an truly impactful technology: as I mentioned during the Mobile SDK 3.0 announcement together with Priya Rajagopal – “I would like to see Couchbase Mobile being used as the foundation technology for the establishment of the human bases on Mars.” Seeing that Couchbase is now used in Hammerheads cycle computers and SpaceX satellite technologies makes me even more excited and proud about the choice that I made for my company when partnering with Couchbase: the first one because I’m a cyclist and I really love mountain biking and second because I’m a huge fan of Elon’s creations and the path for me is clear: sooner or later we’re gonna land on Mars with devices packed with Couchbase mobile technology.

Do you have any pro-tips or life hacks that our readers might find interesting?

Surely the ability to easily move data from a RDBMS to Couchbase and keep them in sync using our database replicator GlueSync, that has become the official tool for moving data from any major relational database like Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres, etc. Also, sharing tips and tricks on how to avoid the failure of a modernization project that involves the migration from a relational database sub-system.

When you are not moving data around, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Doing some Enduro trails with my Mountain bike ;-) 

Thanks for sharing your work and ideas with our readers. 

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Posted by Brian King, Senior Community Manager

With a software development background, Brian has two decades of experience working with communities in the open Web (Mozilla), talent networks (Toptal), open source (Eclipse Foundation), and more. With his team and the organization as a whole he is focused growing the Couchbase developer community and improving the developer experience in order to help build better products.

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