Brant is the Systems Architect at CenterEdge Software where he’s been an avid user of Couchbase since 2012 and a supporter of the Couchbase Community since 2016. His focus is on Couchbase Server, SQL++, and the .NET SDK.

What was your first introduction to Couchbase?

I have been using Couchbase since 2012, when I began using version 1.8 to provide a high performance, scalable query cache and persistent shopping cart store.

What Couchbase product or service do you use the most?

I am a long-time fan of SQL++ (formerly called N1QL) and the query/indexing engine that backs it. I love the power combined with the familiarity of the SQL++ language, both of which have grown more and more since its release.

What project or product using Couchbase that you worked on are you most proud of?

I’ve worked on a lot of end user products which use Couchbase, and I’m proud of all of them. But I’m probably most proud of the Linq2Couchbase project, which is a Couchbase/SQL++ LINQ provider for .NET developers, and couchbase-index-manager, which provides a declarative method for managing SQL++ indices as part of your CI/CD pipeline. I love these projects because their goal is to help other developers deliver great products using Couchbase, so their reach is even greater than any end user product I might make.

As an Ambassador, what would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

I’d love to help create a network of skilled developers who use Couchbase but can collaborate and share knowledge across a wide variety of subjects to make us all better developers.

Looking into your crystal ball, what do you (or would like to) see for Couchbase technologies or the tech world in general?

Personally, I want to see more tools, such as Kubernetes Operators, which streamline the ability to develop and deploy new applications to the cloud. We’re already light years ahead of where we were 10 years ago, but there are still a lot of moving parts like high availability, monitoring, tracing, logging, service meshes, data redundancy, and more that add a lot of overhead and cognitive load to a new project.

Do you have any pro-tips or life hacks that our readers might find interesting?

Always add a root EditorConfig file to every source code repository. The added consistency in formatting and text editors is worth its weight in gold.

When you are not moving data around, what do you enjoy doing the most?

I love working on other non-data related open source projects as well. My latest passion is Yardarm, which is an OpenAPI SDK generator based on the C# compiler internals (a.k.a. Roslyn) to provide high performance, extensible, .NET specific SDKs from OpenAPI specifications.

Thanks for sharing your work and ideas with our readers. 

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Posted by Brian King, Senior Community Manager

With a software development background, Brian has two decades of experience working with communities in the open Web (Mozilla), talent networks (Toptal), open source (Eclipse Foundation), and more. With his team and the organization as a whole he is focused growing the Couchbase developer community and improving the developer experience in order to help build better products.

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