Connect 2023, Couchbase’s flagship conference will open its (virtual) doors to the world this year in early Spring of 2023 and we’re looking for speakers. There is still time left to submit your idea to our call for presentations!

The conference brings our global community of database developers, architects, partners, customers, and NoSQL thought-leaders together for major product updates, amazing demos and inspiring customer and partner testimonials, all in a virtual and interactive format that enables easy networking and knowledge-sharing.

Theme: Escape Velocity

The theme for this year’s conference is Escape Velocity. In rocket engineering, escape velocity is the speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a primary body, such as a planet, a star or even a moon.

For Couchbase, escape velocity is the speed and energy needed for organizations to attain their digital transformation goals. This means breaking free from the gravitational constraints imposed by existing system limitations, team skills, architectures, operating costs, cloud migration, feature requirements, performance and availability expectations, or mobility and edge challenges, etc.

This year, we are looking for use cases, best practices, deployment strategies and in-depth case studies for how Couchbase has helped transform self-managed, cloud, and mobile applications that will define modern user experiences in the 21st century. We are also looking for tutorials, application designs, cross-cloud integrations, and demonstrations from you, of what to anticipate in our modern age.

What we are looking for at Connect 2023

Expert Developer Experiences and Advice for Newcomers

How are you incorporating Couchbase into your development stack? What have you learned and what advice would you offer to your peers. We want to hear from Java, Scala, JavaScript, C#, .NET, Go, Ruby, and Python developers. We want to know your tips for using GraphQL, Node.js, Spring, ASP.NET, and other frameworks and tools. Partners are encouraged to demonstrate cross-product integrations as well. 

Couchbase Capella™ Success

DevOps and cloud architects who have tried Couchbase Capella, our hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), are encouraged to share your tales of success and experience. 

Database Best Practices

Deploying distributed database applications can be complex. We want to hear your design tips for scaling database services, using Kubernetes, query language best practices, index optimization, building for high availability, or migrating and refactoring relational database-powered applications into Couchbase. 

Modern Applications and Mobile Use Cases

As a database application developer, tell us about your database modernization journey, especially when delivering personalized experiences that achieved escape velocity and transformed your business.

We can’t wait to start reviewing proposals from the community and we look forward to what promises to be the best Connect conference yet!

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Posted by Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing

Jeff Morris is VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Couchbase. He's spent over three decades marketing software development tools, databases, analytic tools, cloud services, and other open source products. He'd be the first to tell you that anyone looking for a fast, flexible, familiar, and affordable cloud-to-edge database-as-a-service can stop looking after they check out Couchbase.

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