AWS Summit season is upon us and we are excited to share that we will be traveling to 15 cities across the globe! Our strategic collaboration with AWS is helping customers achieve cloud, analytics, AI, and other business goals they thought were out of reach. If you will be attending one of the summits, be sure to book a meeting with us!

The What: AWS Global Summits are free to attend. Technologists are brought together to connect, collaborate and learn more about AWS. The events are designed to be educational and you’ll get to see how Couchbase has partnered with AWS to help customers accelerate their cloud journeys and achieve their business goals by migrating their workloads to Couchbase Capella on AWS.

The Why: Simply put, customers demand hyper-personalized experiences. Not only that, but slow applications lose customers. That’s why a flexible multipurpose database is foundational to high performance on a global scale – and to building AI-powered applications that offer personalized customer experiences. Join us at our booth to learn more about how we are helping power the next generation of AI-powered Adaptive Applications. 

  • We’ll have a live demo of our generative AI-powered coding assistant, Capella iQ
  • You can participate in an interactive Couchbase Mobile data sync demo (if you’re looking to build a mobile app with low latency – with no internet – this mobile demo will show you how!) 
  • Vector Search and more. 

The Where: We’ll be kicking things off in the city of love, Paris on April 3, followed by Amsterdam and London. For a full list of Cities and our booth info click here.You can learn more about our partnership with AWS here, we hope to see you at one of our summits!


Posted by Vinita Srivalsan

Sr Dir, Partner & Alliance Marketing

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