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Michael Nitschinger works as a Principal Software Engineer at Couchbase. He is the architect and maintainer of the Couchbase Java SDK, one of the first completely reactive database drivers on the JVM. He also authored and maintains the Couchbase Spark Connector. Michael is active in the open source community, a contributor to various other projects like RxJava and Netty.

Why you should care about reactive database access

Since we've announced that our new Java SDK is completely based on reactive and asynchronous components, our users keep asking what the benefits over their tried and true synchronous access patterns are. While very often “performance” is one of the...

January 13, 2015

Couchbase Java SDK Internals

[This blog was syndicated from http://nitschinger.at/] Motivation This blog post is intended to be a very detailed and informative article for those who already have used the Couchbase Java SDK and want to know how the internals work. This is...

December 18, 2014

Logging with the Couchbase Java Client

[This blog was syndicated from http://nitschinger.at/] Introduction There is a huge variety in logging frameworks for Java, and its hard to please everyone. To understand how logging is currently handled in the SDK, we have to go back a few...

December 18, 2014

A Couchbase Cluster in Minutes with Vagrant and Puppet

[This blog was syndicated from http://nitschinger.at/]   Motivation Since I work as part of the engineering team at Couchbase, I need to run my code against a variety of server deployments. We run a multitude of operating systems and software...

December 17, 2014

What’s new in the Couchbase Java SDK 1.2

[This blog was syndicated from http://nitschinger.at/] For all users of our Java SDK, we prepared some nice additions for you. This post covers them in detail and shows how you can get more productive Note that this blog post assumes...

December 17, 2014

Couchbase Java SDK 1.4.0 – New and Noteworthy

Via this blog we’re releasing the first developer preview of the 1.4.0 Java SDK. Aside from the usual bugfixes and enhancements, this new minor release provides support for optimized connection management which was recently introduced in Couchbase Server 2.5.0. See...

December 17, 2014

Why Couchbase chose RxJava for the new Java SDK

This blog post explains our reasoning and motivation behind choosing RxJava as one of the integral components in our new Java SDK. Motivation There are many ways to design an API and every one has its own set of benefits...

December 16, 2014