With less than 24 hours to go until our first ever virtual global developer conference, Couchbase Connect.ONLINE, we are ready to throw open the (virtual) doors. And with an extra day added on Friday 16th to accommodate the high demand for more sessions, it promises to be an excellent three days of information, education and innovation – and there’s still plenty of time to register for FREE. 

Something for Everyone

Calling 2020 a challenging year would be an understatement. As organizations have been thrown into new ways of working or had to adapt to rapidly changing markets, development teams’ ability to create applications that will help transform the business has been essential. With Connect.ONLINE, our aim is to share the knowledge and expertise of those who have faced these challenges and helped overcome them: whether Couchbase’s own experts, our customers and partners who have developed their own paths, open source users, engineers, or any other members of the entire Couchbase community. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, focused on the cloud or edge computing, or simply looking for training opportunities, there are sessions for you. The full list is here – and as well as the video sessions themselves, our presenters will be live online throughout their sessions to take notes, chat with listeners, and make the entire experience feel as close to meeting in the flesh as possible.

Prepare to be Challenged

Of course, any conference is more than its sessions. We will also be announcing new offerings that help developers take even greater advantage of technologies such as containerization and edge computing, which are driving the cutting edge of digital transformation. And we don’t want attendees to feel they could go away empty-handed. Our Couchbase Connect.ONLINE challenges give every attendee a reason to engage before and during the conference, with completed challenges earning leader board positions and points towards cool prizes such as a 2,000-piece Lego Saturn V rocket or, for home developers, a Raspberry Pi 4. Find out more about the challenges here

Couchbase Community Awards

We’re also very excited to kick off the inaugural Couchbase Community Awards, recognizing individuals and organizations throughout the Couchbase community who are accelerating the modernization of legacy databases and enabling innovation for enterprise-critical applications. Special thanks to our guest judges Carl Olofson of IDC and Jon Reed of Diginomica for helping us decide on our winners. 

Naturally, from sessions, to announcements, to awards and challenges, an undertaking such as Couchbase Connect.ONLINE is only possible with support. We’d especially like to thank our sponsors – including our Gold sponsors, AWS, Infosys and Red Hat; and our exhibitors, including cdata and erwin, and our media sponsor, I Programmer.

Join Us!

There’s all this and more on offer from October 14th to 16th. If you haven’t already, please feel free to register. We hope to see you there; and, whether face-to-face or virtual, at Connect 2021 and beyond.


Posted by Christina Knittel

Christina Knittel is Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Couchbase, where she is responsible for the company's public relations, analyst relations, and social media strategy and execution.

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